How lifelong friends became Crust franchisees

By Sarah Stowe | 29 Mar 2019 View comments
Ever thought of starting a business with a friend?
For lifelong friends and Rozelle residents, Rocky and Sam, their business journeys couldn’t have been more different.

Crust franchisees

The pair are the latest franchisees to join the Crust Gourmet Pizza network, staying local in Rozelle.

For Rocky, it’s been an amazing ride so far.
“Being in the industry for so many years I just thought the product sells itself and the location is second to none.”
He has notched up 43 years in the industry, starting his first job in the neighbourhood at just 14 years old.
“I have enjoyed every moment of it, hence why I’m still doing it,” he says.

Why work together?

“Sam my business partner asked me to get into business with him and the only thing I knew was pizzas. What my business partner Sam knew was finances, so that, I believe, has been a great marriage.”
Sam takes up the tale.
“I thought there was just something I wanted to do more with my life. Even though there are differences in what we bring to the table, those differences are actually complemented because Rocky’s experience, my knowledge of business as well, only enhances our business opportunity.
“Our differences actually complement,” he says.