CouriersPlease takes action on carbon

By Sarah Stowe | 17 Aug 2020 View comments

Parcel delivery is big business these days, reflecting the growth of online shopping. But as deliveries increase, so do carbon emissions. Well, one franchise, CouriersPlease, is taking steps to fix that with an ambitious environmental target – to be carbon neutral by 2025.

You’ll get a scale of the issue when you learn that in 2019 alone, more than 750 franchisees in the CouriersPlease (CP) network delivered more than 20 million parcels across the country.

Already since June this year by taking steps to tackle emissions it has taken the equivalent of 241 cars off the road.

The goal is that by mid-next year (June 2021) emissions will be reduced, saving the equivalent of 1546 tonnes of coal, 1.7 million litres of petrol and slicing nearly 14 million kilometres off the road – which is 540 laps around the Australian coastline.

The franchise is slicing its carbon emissions across waste, energy use, staff travel and flights.

Since 1 July, CP has, and will continue to, offset 10 per cent of emissions related to last-mile deliveries performed by their franchisees, which is in addition to offsetting its operational emissions.

Paul Roper, chief commercial officer at CP said a delivery app ensures franchisees drive to an optimised pickup and delivery route.

“Over time, their vehicles will also adopt new technologies and emission-savings tools to minimise emissions further,” he said.

Roper said the business is adopting green procurement. This process shifts the purchasing decisions away from cost and on to the complete lifecycle of goods and services.

That means reduced pollution and waste, and better use of natural resources, he said.

Roper points to the importance of sustainability in today’s marketplace.

“Online retailers are becoming conscious of the need to work with eco-friendly shipping and fulfilment partners who share the same values,” he said.