Courier firm Aramex records bumper deliveries on Black Friday

By Sarah Stowe | 08 Dec 2020 View comments

Courier firm Aramex Australia has delivered a record day, thanks to Aussies’ passion for scooping up a great deal on Black Friday.

Aramex Australia is a network of nearly 900 independently owned and operated small businesses across the country, offering international shipping to over 220 countries through its global parent business.

The growth of ecommerce has helped drive the deliveries boost, and the 2020 Black Friday event proved even more successful than expected, with deliveries up by 39 per cent from 2019.  In fact deliveries across the whole of the week were boosted a significant 43 per cent on last year.

The good news is that although Sydney and Melbourne depots were predictably the star performers in the network on Black Friday, the regional couriers also saw a spike in deliveries.

CEO Peter Lipinski said “We saw an impressive 100 per cent increase in parcel volumes at Bundaberg, and Geelong also performed extremely well relative to its size.”

Peter believes the upwards spending trend reflected by the increased deliveries is a sign Australians are heading back to a normal life as Covid-19 restrictions ease around the country.

While the courier deliveries at the beginning of lockdown in the pandemic revealed people were preparing to set up home offices and gyms and secure toilet paper and pet food supplies, post-lockdown it’s a different story.

“We didn’t expect to see large spikes in vitamin sales and pet doors,” he said. “It’s possible Australians are using vitamins to offset their Covid-19 consumption and get fit again for summer, and purchasing doggy doors for pandemic puppies as people return to offices.”

Some items have stayed consistently popular though, with the highest volume product categories remaining wine, alcohol and flat pack furniture.

In August 2020 the global logistics firm unveiled Courier Lite, a courier franchise option costing less than $10,000.