Cleaning franchises where you don’t clean

It’s possible to become your own boss, working for yourself as the owner of a cleaning franchise and not have to face years of scrubbing and mopping.

If you buy a cleaning franchise that’s set up for investors then the path ahead is one of management and organisation rather than being the owner-operator.

For instance, Urban Clean is a commercial cleaning business that offers two franchise models – one a hands-on territory for those who want to build up from the frontline – the second a regional franchise which gives investors the opportunity to manage from the start.

The 100+ franchisees in the network employ cleaners to service schools, gyms, offices, manufacturing, construction and medical firms.

Franchisees start by doing the work to understand the processes and protocols, and then learn how to train cleaning staff. And it’s something that can be taken on as a part-time role before building the business up to a viable full time operation.

This is a low-cost investment too, at under $20,000.

Housework Heroes, which began its franchise network in Western Australia, is very much a hands-on business. However, the role of a state master franchisor offers investment and business-building opportunities, recruiting franchisees into the region.

Elm Cleaning boasts that its franchisees ‘never clean’. The franchise opportunity, an exclusive territory, is based around working on the business rather than in the business. As a franchisee your role is to recruit and train a team of ace cleaners, who will be delivering the service to your clients.

Like any business owner, as a cleaning franchisee managing staff you’ll need to bring organisational skills, an understanding of the importance of good customer service, and a determination to work hard to build up your business.

Good relationships with clients, staff and your franchisor will be at the heart of your success.