Clark Rubber unveils $30,000 discount deal to incentivise franchise buyers

By Sarah Stowe | 11 Nov 2021 View comments

Iconic Australian franchise retailer Clark Rubber is slashing $30,000 off franchise entry fees on premium mobile territories, paving the way for more everyday Australians to start a business.

The offer comes as Australians consider how they can best enjoy flexibility and financial control in their careers post-pandemic.

While Aussies have been focused on home renovations and upgrading their backyards through the Covid crisis, franchisees in the pool care chain have been well-positioned to benefit from the upsurge in spending with mobile vans in premium territories doing particularly well.

Anthony Grice, CEO of Clark Rubber, said, “For the past 19 months, Australians have not been able to travel freely without the fear of ‘snap’ lockdowns and border restrictions in place. As a result, they’ve turned their attention to sprucing up their own homes and backyards, and at Clark Rubber, we provide them with all the things they need to create the perfect space.

“For 75 years, Clark Rubber has proudly served the community of Australia, and we are excited to be in a position where we can provide small business opportunities to Australians who are now looking to create the life they’ve been dreaming of.”

He said the retailer’s new offer delivers an incentive to potential franchise buyers looking to make a change in their lives.

“Besides security, financial control, and an enviable work-life balance – this announcement could also be the escape many Aussies have been looking for. With plenty of opportunities to relocate to the regions or make a seachange,” he said.

Clark Rubber’s $30,000 discount

Clark Rubber has three tiers available for their mobile service vans – with prices varying based on the location of the new franchisee.

A $30,000 discount applies to those located in Premium Territories, which cover more than 165 postcodes across Australia. The pre-discount price for Premium Territories is $79,990.

However, other locations still offer very affordable rates, starting at just $29,990.

Clark Rubber will provide full ongoing training, education, and support.

Celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, Clark Rubber has been a one-stop-shop for all things pools, rubber and foam for two generations of Aussies. Today there are 60 retail stores across the country with plans to increase this number to 120 stores by 2024.