Clark Rubber retail backed up by experience

Iconic Aussie chain Clark Rubber has been a stalwart in the retail landscape for years, 76 years in fact. A combination of a broad range of merchandise across a number of categories (pools, foam and rubber) and strong customer service have been at the heart of the retailer’s success.

Today’s bright and modern retail business is backed up by mobile service vans which are geared up to service at least 100,000 pools over 2022.

Franchisees are dedicated to helping their customers find their products they need and the solutions to their problems.

The biggest concerns for pool owners are managing the water chemistry and maintaining pool equipment. Ensuring pool and spa water is balanced, safe and healthy to swim, and keeping equipment well maintained and clean goes hand in hand with good pool water management.

The heritage business introduced the Clark Rubber Pool & Spa Shop as a specialist retail option, an alternative to the traditional Clark Rubber store.

For either retail model, franchisees buy a turnkey business that’s ready to operate, whether it’s a new or an established store.

Franchisees can expect premium training and introductory programs; training covers store operations, retail management and sales and customer service.  One week’s comprehensive training is followed by two weeks in a store setting.

Clark Rubber provides franchisees with a distinctive retail business model backed up by group buying power. There is a raft of national and local area marketing strategies designed to drive customers to franchisees’ stores, business development support, and a progressive franchise fee structure.

The franchisor can help with choosing the right location for the store, and assist with lease negotiations.

As the business builds, there are opportunities to expand with further stores.

Interested in finding out more about a Clark Rubber franchise? You’ll need between $250,000 and $600,000 for a store.