City Cave launch: first interstate site

By Sarah Stowe | 10 Apr 2019 View comments

Australia’s fast growing combined holistic wellness and clinical services provider, City Cave, has just launched its first interstate outlet.

The Queensland-based business has opened a site in Gregory Hills, in Sydney’s south west. It’s headed up by franchisees, married couple Deb and Jeff Boothe.

The couple is excited about unveiling the first City Cave in New South Wales.

Why franchisees chose City Cave

“Jeff and I have travelled overseas quite a bit and we were always fascinated by things such as Japan’s Onsens. When it came time for us to invest in our own business we wanted to bring to our community something that was very unique and accessible to everyone, City Cave was the perfect brand,” said Deb Boothe.

“We have both grown up in the area and seen it change over the years, when the opportunity came up for us to have our own business and to provide a service that would benefit our community we couldn’t pass it up,” she said.

“Like many communities in Australia Sydney’s south west is very diverse and this means we have worked hard to bring together as many services as possible to cater to the needs of everyone who walks through our doors or makes an appointment.”

Before becoming a City Cave franchisee Deb Boothe worked in the NSW Department of Education, mainly as a student learning support officer.

While she found the role very rewarding she sees her new business continuing the educational aspect.

“I still get to enjoy this experience with City Cave by helping people learn about their body from our experts and take a serious interest in their health and wellness,” she said.

“Our immediate goal for the business is to grow with the community and become a destination for locals looking for combined holistic wellness and clinical services. Like many franchisees, we are always keeping an eye on the horizon for any opportunities that come up where we are able to launch another location, the health and wellness industry in Australia is very exciting and always evolving.”

City Cave launch will be first of many

City Cave co-founder Jeremy Hassell said the opening of Gregory Hills is a huge event for the franchisees as well as the rest of the team across the brand and this is the first of many new openings they will be celebrating this year.

“There is a growing demand in Australia for genuine health and wellness services such as float therapy, remedial massage and infrared saunas that people want to include in their overall health plan,” Hassell said.

“Over the past 12 months we have worked extremely hard to ensure each City Cave caters for their immediate local market and provides the services clients would expect, the opening of our first New South Wales location is a result of this hard work,” he said.

“We are always looking at opportunities to bring City Cave to new and emerging markets and there are a number of sites across NSW we are exploring to ensure they are the right fit. By the end of 2019 they are expecting to open 10 new locations across Australia with the aim of having 50 City Cave locations accessible to Australians over the next three years.”

Since opening in 2016, City Cave’s range of services has expanded to offer a wide range of services to help clients achieve optimal health of both body and mind with float therapy, infrared saunas, remedial massage, yoga, and clinical services including psychology and kinesiology.