Celebrity Ink stamps its brand on the market

By Sarah Stowe | 16 Jul 2020 View comments

Celebrity Ink has more than 20 studios across Australia, South East Asia and Europe. The studios offer a range of services including tattooing, cosmetic tattoos, piercings and laser tattoo removal.

Newly appointed CEO Manuel Campos says “Celebrity Ink has grown from strength to strength since launching in 2013, and despite 2020 throwing the business a curveball, it has not diminished the brand’s position in the market.”

The business had a strong start to the year and, believes Campos, a robust strategy to keep Celebrity Ink  attracting customers and franchisees.

One fifth of all Australians sport a tattoo, with over half of those inked repeating the procedure at least once.

“The tattoo sector is a $100 million industry in Australia and it allows brands like Celebrity Ink to create a business that can yield strong results,” Campos says.

It’s become a destination for people wanting the highest quality tattoo in an extremely safe and hygienic environment, he adds.

So what’s the business offer?

Celebrity Ink is an international brand that began in Phuket, Thailand in 2013. Since then the business has expanded across the Asia-Pacific region, with five outlets in its home country and representation in Vietnam, The Philippines and Indonesia.

Seven outlets are already open in Australia (two more are due to open soon) and one set for Singapore. In Europe the Italian outlet will be joined by stores in the UK and Sweden.

Altogether there are 20 Celebrity Ink studios, and their exact location is key to the brand’s success. Celebrity Ink positions outlets in tourist hotspots, entertainment zones and shopping centres, bringing the art of tattooing into high traffic areas.

To own a franchise in this group you don’t need to have any tattooing skills – but you do need to have a passion for the art of inking.

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