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11 things to learn about Dogue


  Fancy a retail business with a difference? If you’ve got a soft spot for dogs take a look at the Dogue business model that lets you combine your pet

Little Kickers Q&A: what you need to know


Get the lowdown on this kids sports business with our Little Kickers Q&A with Aussie franchisor Dan Kelland. Hey Dan, thanks for taking time out to shine a light on

What is Brett Houldin up to next? And 6 more must-ask questions


Craveable Brands chief Brett Houldin is leaving the business at the end of November so Inside Franchise Business took the chance to quiz him on the essentials. 1. What are you going to

7 things you need to know about Milksha in Australia


What do you know about Milksha? It’s a new name in bubble tea that opened its doors to the first Australian outlet, a flagship in Melbourne, on Saturday 21 September. 

Sport Star Academy vision: Peter Nikolakopoulos


  Peter Nikolakopoulos founded Football Star Academy in 2002. The business would grow to become the multi-award winning Sport Star Academy franchise chain. Today there are 60 franchises in the multi-sport

10 must-ask questions for Swimart


Pool care franchise Swimart has 76 locations across Australia and New Zealand. If you want to join the line-up of franchisees, you’ll need to understand some basics about the business. 10

Newbie franchisee shares secrets to running an award-winning business


How do you buy a franchise and within a year become a double award winner? Swimart Jindalee’s Ashley Weekes has the answer.

What to look for when interviewing a franchise buyer: Dean Salomone


Franchise efficiency, good relationships…Rozzi’s founder and CEO Dean Salomone shares his views on the franchise sector.

6 things you need to know about Hotondo Homes


House building franchise Hotondo Homes reveals some stats. Robert Stubbs, chief operating officer, takes our Q&A.

What you need to know about Just Cuts


A hairdressing business that doesn’t required technical skills from its franchisees, Just Cuts has made its mark with a simple, clear service and no-appointments structure.