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Buy a franchise or an independent business?


How do you choose between a franchise or an independent business? Both have pros and cons. Here we look at five crucial areas that can impact business success. 1. Branding Franchisee:

Are you ready…for change, to change?


Fundamentally a franchise is a key business relationship that should benefit and reward both the franchisor and franchisee.  Like any relationship, the franchisor and franchisee relationship does need to adapt

How much will a franchise cost?


Although it can sometimes be difficult to ask direct questions, we think it’s important to do precisely that when you’re buying a franchise. Here are three crucial questions to ask

Before you buy a franchise, understand the ACCC’s role in franchising


The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is an independent statutory government authority serving the public interest. Most of our compliance and enforcement work is conducted under the provisions of the Competition

Aussie or US fitness franchise? Which will you choose?


We know that there is big money in fitness. And just this week a German fitness firm with 17 brands operating across Europe has snagged one of the iconic gym

Before you buy a franchise, think about the end


You’re excited about the possibility of a new franchise and may not be thinking about what happens when your franchising journey ends. But it’s very important to consider your franchise

5 top tips for buying a cleaning franchise


What do you need to know before you sign up to a cleaning franchise? Here are some top tips to help you understand the business better. 1. Find out what is

Work for yourself with a brand that’s built for success


Work for yourself and reap the benefits, financially and personally. That’s the opportunity you have when you buy a franchise backed by a strong franchisor. A franchise that has great support,

Before you buy a franchise, talk to the experts


The ACCC is only one source of information for people thinking of buying a franchise. There are two other important sources that we recommend you consider. Invest in advice Make

No more commuting! How a franchise breathes new life into your day


If you’ve loved the quieter streets and work from home opportunities you’re probably not missing the daily commute. So why go back to it? Imagine a life of no more commuting.