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6 ways to fix franchisee concerns


When franchise buyers are reviewing business opportunities they are encouraged to see any franchisor non-compliance as a red flag. They would be quite justified to stop and reconsider signing up

4 sure-fire due diligence steps from the ACCC


Got your eyes on a new franchise opportunity? It’s not as easy as just signing on the dotted line. Like any financial investment, you need to do your homework, and in

7 questions to pump up recruitment


Are you ready to give your franchise recruitment a kick start? Recruiting the best people to take on a franchise in your system is critical to its development.  And that

Aligning franchisee, customer, employee experience


Customer experience (CX) is at the top of every boardroom agenda. And rightly so, but equally (if not more) important is the employee experience (EX). It’s proven that CX and

How to avoid a rebranding disaster


Rebranding disaster or successful rebranding exercise? A rebrand is often an exciting time for a business, writes Nils Versemann. But before adopting a new brand, whether for a business or a new

How liable are you as a director?


Where does the buck stop for directors? Are you on top of director liability? Earlier this year Australia was shocked with the news of George Calombaris underpaying his hard-working restaurant

What does a profitable franchise look like?


I have been researching what makes a healthy and thriving franchise system – and as a potential franchisee, this is something you must understand before buying a franchise. The research

Are you costing your support services properly?


Prospective franchisees often ask, “What do I get in return for my ongoing royalty?” and “Is the royalty rate reasonable?”. Behind that is an expectation that franchise fees are linked

4 tell-tale franchise support signs


The number one reason any prospective entrepreneur considers franchising is franchise support. The ability to have an experienced operator who not only knows the sector but the systems you employ

3 ways new franchisees can boost sales


If you’ve just started a new franchise business, you may find yourself focusing your energies on getting the basics down pat. While it’s important you stick to the plan, now