Calling all clean freaks! Check out these low-cost cleaning franchises

By Sarah Stowe | 15 Apr 2021 View comments

You’ve got a clean streak and know it can be the path to a new business opportunity.

Commercial and residential cleaning has been in the spotlight with our current concerns over health and safety and one business in particular has made a point of delivering a high standard of service.

Urban Clean has taken the approach that providing a significant point of difference in the delivery of the service is a far better business proposition for attracting customers than focusing on cost-cutting deals.

The brains behind this brand, founder Damien Boehm, has created an alternative model that provides solutions for customers’ needs.

“My breakthrough [in the business] was thinking ‘how do I stand out from competitors? How do I keep my accounts? The secret to success is keeping accounts long term,” says Boehm.

“I asked my best clients what do they want. And it came down to six things. And price was not one of them.”

The business model has been designed to allow franchisees to settle into a management role rather than continue with cleaning duties themselves.

If you are someone who really doesn’t mind really getting into the grime, then Ovenu offers a niche market for oven and barbecue cleaning.

Using this established system, you can get great satisfaction from turning a blackened cooker into a sparkling appliance, gaining happy customers and the potential to grow your business in to a multi-van operation.

At James Home Services, franchisees can choose from any number of cleaning options – car detailing, carpet cleaning, windows and exteriors, for instance – even pet grooming.

It all comes backed with 27 years experience in the home services marketplace so you get all the tips and tricks needed to operate your business.

There will be training in the systems you’ll be operating in these brands, marketing campaigns and tools, and ongoing support.

Of course, the low-level investment required to buy into any of these franchise systems is another big attraction!