Buy a pool franchise for under $50,000

By Sarah Stowe | 24 May 2016 View comments

Narellan Pools specialises is in the business of selling ingrown fibreglass swimming pools and has been operating for more than 40 years. Narellan Pool franchisees have "very low fixed costs" - Peter Baily

Peter Baily, chief operating officer, discusses the benefits of joining in a franchise and the importance of franchisees working to maximise ROI (return on investment).

Franchisees at Narellan Pools have “very low fixed costs” with a scalable volume, which can begin as a mobile business to then become a shopfront with employees. Franchisees can work with a partner, but once the scale of the business increases, it is preferable to hire employees.

Baily says the franchise network is able to provide support for franchisees with relatively lower costs through technology-savvy training tools, communications hubs, and support systems.

“We’re less concerned about initial costs because we are more concerned with the long term,” he explains. Baily also highlights the potential of territory as a major benefit for franchisees.

At Narellan Pools, it is a “digital marketing environment” which boasts social media and CRM with the goal of having the best platforms.

“A lot of (client) leads come from digital leads,” he explains.

ROI is another advantage, says Baily, which comes as a result of a lower fee base and great margins. A wide range of quality product offering is also another perk in his view.   

However, as the pool industry is a cyclical one, franchisees need to work hard during the seasonal period and manage changes in demand.

Baily’s advice for potential franchisees are to be able to manage people, prospects, and clients, be all over the numbers, and be visible in the community by being proactive.

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