Burrito Bar’s expansion builds on a strong record of success

By Sponsored | 30 Oct 2020 View comments

When a franchise thrives in tough times you know you can feel confident about the future. Burrito Bar Franchise Partners have seen their profits grow all through the pandemic – over the past two years, average restaurant sales increased by 117 percent. Now the chain is opening eight new restaurants over the next few months – and it’s no surprise they’re being snapped up by existing Franchise Partners keen to capitalise on their success.

There are also opportunities to share the benefits of a proven and sustainable business by partnering with Burrito Bar for the first time.

Street Mexican food with a twist

Established in 2011, Burrito Bar was inspired by the traditional Mexican street food found in San Francisco. The innovative menu ranges from quick and tasty take-aways to authentic dine-in experiences, all showcasing a wide range of fresh, colourful and wholesome food. An extensive bar also attracts more sophisticated diners.

“One of  Burrito Bar’s greatest strengths is the diversity of our models,” says general manager Shaun Butcher. “We know that customers’ tastes and expectations are continuously changing and we’re committed to staying ahead of the curve.”

As a result, Burrito Bar can adapt and succeed in almost every market, from CBDs, premium shopping centres and dining precincts to suburban shopping centres and quiet, regional towns. There are stand-alone and drive-thru locations – and Burrito Bar was also quick to respond to COVID-19 restrictions by introducing delivery in almost every location. There are also opportunities for Franchise Partners to create extra revenue streams for minimal cost.

“Our Franchise Partners were the first in Australia to offer customers their favourite ice-cream brands from an in-store kiosk,” says Shaun . “Diners can enjoy a delicious dessert while our Franchise Partners boost their profits. We were also among the first to set up a virtual brand. ‘Smokin’ Ribs & Burgers’ has been so successful that, as well as using third-party companies for delivery, we’ll soon be opening co-branded sites.”

A proven business plan

Burrito Bar takes the guesswork out of operating a business.

“You start with a proven business plan and a turnkey business designed to reduce both set-up and ongoing operational costs,” says Shaun. “Then, as a member of our team, you’ll have all the support you need to ensure your long-term success.”

Specialists are on hand to help you establish, manage, grow, develop and adapt your business. There are also highly-effective national and targeted, local area marketing programs to attract new customers and keep them coming back.

“In just the last few months, we’ve upgraded our online ordering system and launched a Burrito Bar customer app,” says Shaun. “Now we’re developing a brand new menu for early next year.”

Find out more

All of this comes with low entry and ongoing costs compared with many competitors. So, if you’re  interested in finding out more about joining the Burrito Bar team, visit www.burritobar.com.au or the click here. Alternatively, contact Jarryd Cayfe on 0432 244 136 or jarryd.cayfe@burritobar.com.au. It could be your first step to  long-term business success.