Bubba makes things better for everyone – including franchisees

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Are you looking for a franchise with faith in the future? Bubba Pizza made its confidence clear by opening a flagship Victorian store in the middle of a Stage 4 lockdown.

“What better time for the people of Fairfield to enjoy our unique pizzas?” says managing director Damian Hopper. “We live by the mantra ‘Let Bubba make it better’ and, if people ever needed a truly great pizza to lift their spirits, it’s now.”

Baking a better pizza

Roger Hopper opened the first Bubba store in June 2000 and is guided by its company values of mutual respect, passion for the work and a determination to achieve excellence, plus a better pizza!

“Dad’s mission was to provide a new pizza experience every man, woman and bubba – and all for a more-than-fair price,” Damian says. “Since then, we’ve been building on his success. Lunch, dinner, work, home, parties, even lockdown, Bubba really does make just about everything better.”

Five things that make Bubba Pizza a great investment

You’re looking for a career change, you want a business of your own, so why choose Bubba Pizza?

1. The product

Bubba prides itself on its strong commitment to quality.

“Bubba has a procurement strategy with a huge focus on innovation, just recently we have launched brand new and improved recipes for our chicken, beef and lamb which no other pizza store in the world has access to” Damian says. “We have developed a product and flavour that is unique to all bubba Franchisees and really sets us apart in the market.”

2. A pandemic-proof business

Bubba has been perfecting its delivery model for over 20 years.

“When Covid-19, hit we were perfectly placed to handle the transition from pick up to delivery,” Damian says. “That’s how this year’s groupwide franchise sales have stayed consistent with last year, and how some stores have even seen double digit growth.”

The Bubbatech™ bespoke online ordering system allows customers to place their orders across all digital platforms and locations.

“Our state-of-the-art point of sale and loyalty systems also enable us to run a best-in-class customer relationship management program,” Damian says.

3. Better systems, better menus, better profits

Bubba’s systems have been developed over 20 years with input from managers and franchisees.

“They’re proven, and they form the backbone of our company,” Damian says.  “We also have ongoing menu development and testing to ensure we remain an on-trend and in-demand brand.”

4. Marketing that works

Bubba is committed to building and supporting its brand and franchisees with strategic and highly targeted marketing efforts. These range from local area marketing right through to state-wide brand activity across all media.

“Plus, of course, we provide our franchisees with all the training, the tools and support they need to succeed,” Damian says.

5. Supporting the community

Right from the start, Bubba has been heavily involved in local communities.

“We get a real kick out of making things better for clubs, schools and businesses through sponsorships, fundraising and events catering,” Damian says.

Opportunities available now

The flagship store, which opened on Thursday 20th August, is one of four current franchise opportunities available across metropolitan Melbourne. If Bubba sounds right for you, you’ll find more information at https://www.bubbapizza.com.au/franchising/