Bricks 4 Kidz: the business of education

By Sarah Stowe | 05 Jul 2017 View comments

Bricks 4 Kidz offers educational programs to families and schools using Lego products and based on Stem (science, technology, engineering and maths) concepts. Inside Franchise Business: The Bricks 4 Kidz model relies on referrals.

“The business can be profitable in regional areas, however it certainly must be managed differently to a metropolitan business,” says director Steve Bealing.

“Our regional owners cover territories that can be hundreds of kilometres wide. This means they need to be excellent people managers, and hire good people to deliver their services on a casual or part-time basis in the towns within their territory.”

He says customer growth is achieved through head-office research and development designed to continually stay at the forefront of children’s interests.

Staff retention is critical as well as delivering great experiences for families, he says.

“Because we work with children, our business fundamentally depends on winning parents’ trust. Our research confirms that up to 58 per cent of our business comes through word of mouth.”

The three major overheads for franchisees are labour, advertising and venue hire, plus there are three main challenges for people considering joining the group – staff retention, building a sales engine, and navigating decision-making structures in schools.

The franchise fee for one territory is $27,500, excluding GST. The extra investment to launch a Bricks 4 Kidz mobile business is a further $20,000, including incorporation costs, advertising, venue hire, set-up expenses and working capital.

The total initial investment to start up a Bricks 4 Kidz business is about $45,000 to $50,000.

There are no training fees, and franchisees have access to administrative support, professional development and ongoing support.

“We never rush candidates,” says Bealing.

“It is important they steadily work their way through the decision to come on board, so they are completely committed and ready when they do so. They should take their time when considering the opportunities available so they make the right decision for their own circumstances.”

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