Breaking the corporate shackles with Valenta BPO

By Sponsored | 17 Oct 2018 View comments

For business professionals, the corporate world can get stale, with many executives finding themselves performing mundane tasks day-in and day-out, for little reward.

Unlike other industries, the potential for business-ownership within the corporate development market is limited and often fraught with risk, however a new model is breaking the mould.

Australian business, Valenta BPO has positioned itself as a global leader in SME outsourcing and process advice, providing much needed time and guidance to local businesses.

The brand helps businesses identify tasks/procedures they can outsource to improve efficiency, in addition to suggesting technological improvements that streamline business operations.

Where businesses often struggle to find the right staff, Valenta BPO provides trained, qualified and reliable staff with the know-how to provide meaningful solutions for their diverse range of clients.

Valenta is currently experiencing major growth within its network, with the brand offering a range of opportunities to prospective franchisees with the business acumen and knowledge to take their career to the next level.

Whether you are a business development manager, corporate executive or analyst, Valenta offers an opportunity to focus on your career and goals, giving franchisees the chance to work alongside a business, rather than for one.

What sets Valenta BPO apart from other business ventures is the unique career trajectory, highlighting the importance of self-directed working.

Where most businesses and franchise opportunities require a full-time commitment, forcing new franchisees to quit their current job to focus on establishing the brand, Valenta has implemented a transitional model.

The model allows franchisees to get started with Valenta while maintaining their current job, providing them with a strong platform from which to build their business.

The unique approach to the franchise system means franchisees can focus solely on acquiring new business and strengthening client relationships, while Valenta handles the operations.

As a result, franchisees can enjoy unrivalled flexibility and reduced overheads , with no need for a physical office until the franchise business substantially grows.

As revenue begins to filter in and grow, franchisees are encouraged to make the move from part-time franchise partner, to full-time franchisee, but only when they feel ready to do so.

The relaxed and flexible methodology is critical to the brand’s success as a thought leader, offering a vast differential to the often constricting and regimented corporate landscape.

The transitional period is expected to take between 12-18 months, giving prospective franchisees a relaxed timeline from which to chart milestones and checkpoints in their professional development.

As a Valenta BPO franchisee you will receive hands-on training, access to the Valenta team of experts, quarterly one on one business planning solutions, access to cutting edge technology, on-going IT support and marketing support to compliment the business’ multiple revenue stream approach.

The opportunity is available to those who have a strong understanding of business processes, are great with technology, have expertise in any industry and are great at building meaningful long-term professional relationships.

If you have business acumen and drive to make a meaningful difference in your professional career, click here and complete the form for further information.