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whealthstyle pty ltd

whealthstyle pty ltd

whealthstyle pty ltd


Year Brand Started: 1991
Year Franchising Started: 2001
Capital Investment: $ 2000 - $ 25,000 + Marketing Expenses
Qualifications Required: Must be People Orientated, Positive and Success Driven
Franchise Business Established: Established in USA in 1991
Marketing Support: Marketing Platform and tools Provided
Agreement Terms: Ongoing / No restrictions
Number of Units: 30

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Become a part of the three major growth trends of the 21st Century, the home-based business phenomenon, the internet and the online education or Š—“webucationŠ— industry.

This amazing business opportunity offers you the potential for a six figure income in your first twelve months of operation.

Welcome to the business revolution that is
sweeping the world.

Webucation or on-line education is quoted by US business analyst Peter Drucker
as being the Š—“megatrend of the futureŠ—and you have the opportunity to become a
part of this lucrative direct sales business model with one of the fastest
growing companies in the world.

We are an ethical 16 year old company with Distributors in 37 countries across
the globe. This is an industry with a largely unknown and untapped market with
sales approaching a Trillion Dollars worldwide.

Internet Marketing is the fastest growing product distribution system in the
world today and you have the opportunity to be a part of this revolution.

21st century technology and our Š—“turnkey systemŠ—(which is easily learnt and
duplicated) enables your global business to start running from day one.

This business is positioned perfectly as it utilizes the three major growth
trends of the 21st century, the Home Based Business phenomenon, the Internet and
the Online or Education Industry.

You get all the benefits of a Franchise for a fraction of the investment with no
ongoing Franchise fees, staff to pay, no inventory or stock and no need to leave
home to do business.

Imagine a 20 second commute to work, no frustration or traffic jams to impact
your well being.

HereÍs what this business opportunity can give you:

  • No qualifications or experience required
  • Full training and ongoing support
  • Instant cash, you get paid before the company does
  • Low start up costs and low overheads
  • Powerful, life changing products
  • Ethical and visionary company
  • Untapped worldwide market
  • A business you can run from anywhere _ worldwide
  • Freedom to work the hours that suit you
  • $US1,000 _ US$4,500 – $US 10,000 income per transaction
  • Spend more time with people you love
  • A 20 second commute

Personalised, high quality custom website

And thereÍs still moreŠ—_..

  • Free up more time to do as you please
  • In demand products that help eliminate poverty
  • No inventory or shipping
  • Family business with tax and inheritance benefits
  • Ongoing passive, residual income
  • Ability to earn over $250,000+ in your very first year
  • Not having to report to a Š—“bossŠ— or paying staff
  • Be a CEO of your own global business

So if you consider yourself Serious and can see yourself significantly
increasing your income from the comfort of your own home, we look forward to
personally introducing the business to you, training you and sharing our success
secrets with you.

Have a listen to what one of AustraliaÍs most successful business partners has
to say about this amazing business.

Š—“Since joining in May 2005, I had the pleasure of finding new lifelong friends
whilst developing a business network across 4 continents, all from the comfort
of my home.

In my first month I made $3,000 part time and in my first full year working 30
hours, not 80 hrs weekly, I earned over $200,000 in ’06. Since attending the Feb
’07 Phase 2 Conference, I can see the reality to attain a Million dollars in
income over the next 18-24 months. This business has proved to me that anyone
who is hungry enough to fulfil their financial and lifestyle ambitions can
achieve this. Thanks to Emerald Passport and a wonderful Paramount Partners Team
of friends and business partners.Š—

John Cosic

Perth, Australia