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The Duster Dollies Pty Ltd

Want a business where you have time to raise your children?

We are a booking agency for Domestic Cleaning, where you arrange the clean with the customer and send someone else to do the work.


Domestic Cleaning Franchise

The Duster Dollies managerial franchise, a booking agency for domestic cleaning, started on the Northern Beaches of Sydney in 1993. Since 2002 it has become a Domestic Cleaning franchised organisation with agencies in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. A data base of phone numbers of people looking to have their homes cleaned has helped start new Agencies in other states.

The Duster Dollies is a Home Bases Business Franchise that:


  • is run from your own home
  • has flexible hours so you can spend time raising the children
  • allows you weekends away
  • runs itself even when you're not there
  • has low overheads
  • requires administrative and organisational skills
  • will make you money

The Agency is more administrative and organisational. Sub-contractors do the cleaning, and they pay an Agency Fee for each hour of work they do per week. All cleaning jobs are quoted and all the cleaners are trained, which makes The Duster Dollies Home Based Business franchise different.

All our Duster Dollies managerial franchisees:

  • have children at school
  • work their business around the children
  • have time off during school holidays
  • are great organisers
  • enjoy running their business
  • make money

The Duster Dollies Cleaning Agency is a Monday to Friday business that can be run from home and suitable for either a couple or a single operator.




PO Box 16 , Forestville NSW 2087 AU