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Rozzis Fresh Kitchen

A recent brand revamp has taken place across our network and in 2018, all new stores will be open as Rozzis Fresh Kitchen (formerly Rozzis Italian Canteen)

Rozzis is the collaborative outcome of seasoned food & business operators who have combined their 30 years of food industry experience to create this exciting dining offer.

Pizza, Pasta, Salads, Breads, Breakfast, Coffee, Desserts & more – there is a clear focus on fresh, high quality products produced primarily at each of our sites.

We are a place where our guests feel comfortable, welcome and at home. When you dine at Rozzis you’ll feel like you’re eating at a friend’s house or maybe even your Nonna’s! We believe in creating interesting and unique places to enjoy our simple and great tasting Italian inspired food.

It’s exciting that you have decided to investigate the possibility of bringing a Rozzis Fresh Kitchen to your community, and we hope you will gain an appreciation for what sets us apart in the Italian fast-casual dining space: our passion & love for great fresh Italian inspired food.

Just like our philosophy on all things food related our franchise business model is simple, reliable and proven. If you are prepared for some hard work & commitment along the way, you will be rewarded by your efforts when you see customers coming back again and again because they love sharing a meal at your Rozzis or perhaps just dropping in for a coffee whilst reading a paper over breakfast.

We are located primarily in shopping centres and our places create a haven from the day to day hustle and bustle. We’ll make you feel like you’re in our home, ready to be involved with our simple and great tasting fresh food.

As of October 2017 we have 14 locations operating under the Rozzis Group of Companies. While we take our fresh food around the country and beyond, we are seeking more members to join our franchise famiglia and have big plans for more stores in 2018.

So, come on and join us. There are still a few extra seats around the table.

We’d love to make you part of our franchise famiglia!



PO Box 479 , Carnegie VIC 3163 AU