Australia wide Master Franchise

Protect A Window – Master Franchise

Investment Level:

$10,000 + Stock

Location benefits:

Can be run from home anywhere in Australia


Protect A Window offers temporary scratch protection against glass damage (scratches) during Construction. Paint On – Peel Off

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About this opportunity

• Operating since 1992 – Original / First window protection – Australian idea, Australian products, sold worldwide.
• Temporary protection during construction – simply paint on – peel off   (lasts for up to 12 months)
• Not affected by natural elements, especially wind – no unsightly plastic “flapping in the breeze” allowing water between plastic & glass – possible staining of glass when water mixes with sawdust.
• The product is a high build translucent material that is applied in a white liquid form that dries in around 30 minutes (depending on heat/warmth & air movement) and forms a clear protective barrier/membrane against damaging materials such as cement render and grinding sparks…
• Can be applied to all non porous surfaces including fibreglass, acrylic, Perspex, low ‘e’ glass
• Glass only or glass and frame protection
• Easy to apply – easy to remove.
• Only Suppliers of “PAW 55” and “PAW Exterior”
• Minimum amount of waste when removed
• Non-toxic, water based
• Our product leaves no residue on glass when removed,
• Saves in building clean down costs – cleaners are able to clean in less time.
• Winner of 2002 HIA Green Smart Product of the year award.  The product is environmentally friendly.
• Allows builders to show their clients that they really care about their clients new homes (Also helps to avoid handover delays).
• There is also the safety aspect – the product allows light in while providing a safety barrier that people can “see”- the product leaves a fairly clear substance that has an orange peel effect – we have not heard of any workers on site inadvertently walking through a pane of glass that has had our product applied because they didn’t “see” it. (Which is often the case with clear glass).  No need to waste time & money applying tape crosses to windows that may leave a residue.  Broken glass with product applied tends to hold together and doesn’t present as many sharp edges, and, is easier to clean up.

Only product that is guaranteed not to damage surface and to be able to be removed (within 12 months and only if applied by a franchisee)

Many builders have been very supportive of our product and maintain that the savings made, both in time & money, are the major benefit but they also recognise that their clients think more highly of them because they are demonstrating that they care about their clients new property and want to present it in the best possible light.

We also provide protection for spas & bath tubs, kitchen & vanity benchtops, tiles, stainless steel & other non porous surfaces, especially during construction.

We can even provide a white “block out” for those wanting privacy that can simply be peeled off when ready. (see brochure on website for illustration). Ideal for shop fronts & office windows.

“A grain of sand wiped carelessly across a window pane can cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage…” why take the risk?
– No Royalties
– No Marketing Fees
– No Marketing support
– Training & Other Support Introductory training (1 day) ongoing support
– No Finance Options
– Resale Opportunity absolutely
– Year Brand Established: 1992
– Year Franchising Started: 1994
– Number of Opportunities Available & Growth Plans: 8 existing franchises, more than major areas available
– Awards & Associations:  HIA Green Smart Award