Koomi Australia

Koomi Australia

Koomi Australia


Resale Opportunity: Yes
Franchise Business Established: 2018
Franchise Commenced: 2018
Training and Support: Yes
Marketing Support: Yes
Head Office Located: Kingsgrove, NSW

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Koomi Natural Drinking Yoghurt allows people to experience guilt-free indulgence. From drinks, to froyos, to bubble teas, to cakes, all 26 products of Koomi are filled with the guiltless goodness of natural yoghurt, premium ingredients, and fresh fruits. Each Koomi is made fresh daily to satisfy every person’s cravings healthily.

This colourful, vibrant, energetic, and fun brand originated in Sydney, Australia, but has now expanded across Asia including Thailand, Malaysia, and Philippines.

Koomi offers a unique experience in every cup. Consumers will just keep coming back for more.

Key benefits:

  • Koomi gives the franchisee an avenue to technical support and qualified staff who can give advice.
  • Before and upon opening a new store, Koomi aids and supports the franchisee to assure a smooth end to end process.
  • Koomi also offers training opportunities so franchisees can benefit from new developments in the franchise’s industry.

The Koomi Franchisee must possess the following traits:

1. Reliability
2. Leadership Skills
3. Display of good judgement
4. Willingness to learn
5. Financial awareness

Every Koomi store aims to give its customers the guiltless goodness experience through its healthy and delicious products. Every store must uphold the standard of quality and freshness, while embodying the brand’s vibrance and fun.

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Originating from Australia, Koomi lets everyone enjoy natural drinking yoghurt with delicious and fresh ingredients. As a franchisor, Koomi has developed and established an efficient franchise system. Benefits include access