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Hot Fresh Fries

The Hot Fresh Fries Company is an Australian based company that supplies the worlds' most sophisticated & technologically advanced French Fries vending machine. Australians eat more fries each year than any other snack food and globally it's estimated that 9 million tonnes (9,000,000,000 kg) of fries are consumed each year. Contact us now for information on Hot Fresh Fries business opportunities.

Do you want a business that lets you have both income and lifestyle?

Imagine having a business where you have no boss, no staff, no stress, no office lease, and only have to work 15-20 hours per week but still earn more than what most people do working 40-50 hours per week.

This is all possible by simply placing the state-of-the-art Hot Fresh Fries Vending Machines into businesses and other potential locations. By simply letting the machine do all the work you could be well on your way to living a life that many other people can only dream about.

Imagine having more time to spend with your family, having time to enjoy a new hobby, or time to just simply relax and enjoy life in general. Alternatively you may just be looking for another way to add a solid income stream to your wealth generation plan, or simply starting a business for your spouse or children once they have left school.

Introducing the Hot Fresh Fries Vending Machine Franchise Opportunity

The Hot Fresh Fries Vending machine operates like an automated snack food restaurant that freshly cooks and serves Hot Fresh Fries complete with salt and sauce in less than two minutes and the good news is Australians eat more French Fries than any other snack food!

The Hot Fresh Fries franchise model involves the franchisees buying and then placing Hot Fresh Fries machines into venues on a win-win arrangement where both parties share in the profits.

• The venue provides the one square metre of floor space for the machine and also the foot traffic or patrons who use the machine.

• The franchisee provides the machine, the stock, the service vehicle and labour to maintain the machine

For you, the franchisee, this means once you have placed your machines into venues all you need to do is service your machines (refill and clean) and collect the money. For the venue, they simply send you an invoice at the end of each month for their share of the profits. It’s that easy

Since our business success is dependent upon your success, you’ll find a team of professionals who are willing and able to support you to grow your business to whatever level you desire. Additionally Hot Fresh Fries Pty Ltd is also a proud member of the Franchise Council of Australia ensuring that we always operate ethically and responsibly.

You’ll find that everything is systemised and easy to follow. We’ll help you develop your business plan so you can turn your dream into reality. We also give you the business, sales and marketing training as well as the support materials to help you get your machines placed into highly profitable locations.


Unit 1 / 8 Wollongbar St , Byron Bay NSW 2418 AU