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CAD Partners CFO On Call

Here is a business for those who wish to make a break from employment and work in partnership with the region's most respected and innovative financial control and outsourced CFO services company. Oh the marketing? We do this with you and make client appointments for you!

Who are we?

CAD Partners and CFO On-Call are trading names of CAD Partners Pty Ltd. It is a group of like-minded accountants and financial controllers operating in both Australia and New Zealand. This franchise company and its service is very unlike the old style of suburban tax accountants … in fact we do no tax and typical compliance work at all. We seek those with a strong a management accounting background, outgoing professionals who have drive and PC skills. Together we are a formidable team. We share both software and industry knowledge, work experiences and all trade under the one banner.

Are you suitable?

You would be from a commercial accounting/financial control background and feel you are a 'cut' above the average. You also feel as we do, that the market will increasingly demand a modern mobile financial control consultancy service that business owners can access, once a quarter, once a week or on-demand. Once started we work very much like a market driven co-operative. We share the risks with you and get a share of the income.

You must genuinely have a desire to help SME business owners, to set up and run systems to help with cashflow control, financial control and future planning. We like to get our clients the information they need to make month by month business decisions … not wait until after the quarter or year when it's all too late anyway!

Marketing that really works and well-sorted business development systems are strong points and we pass this knowledge onto you. You don't have to be a marketing expert … but you do need to have the desire and drive to want a build a serious asset. Appointments are made for new franchise partners during the start up period and on-going as agreed. From there it's quite possible for you to build up a good level of income in your first year, so long as you are prepared to be flexible, you are competent and determined to make it happen.

The marketing strategy is that CAD is perceived as the "experts in financial control" and this drives high levels of traffic to CAD's site, some of which are converted to appointments for partners. Local area marketing is undertaken with a well proven technique in conjunction with partners. From there local appointments are made with suitable target businesses.

Why there's a market for CFO On-Call

The truth is, that whilst typically tax accountants promote themselves as a one-stop-shop, most don't do financial control for SMEs very well. They are mostly so busy with tax and compliance and 'historical stuff', they seldom get a chance to help business owners. Plus, so many of them are not trained or never acquire modern financial control techniques and still think of management accounting as 'bookkeeping'. This is where there is a significant market gap and the opportunity lay for CAD partners in 1991. We have successfully championed that gap to this day.

Competitors – unique business system & innovation

CAD partners has very few effective competitors … in fact we can't honestly think of any other franchise business that does (even closely) what we do on a reasonable scale! We started as a traditional franchise system in 1991, but frankly, we could not get any real traction, like most other franchise systems that simply aren't here today. Then in 2005 we introduced a much better 'partnership' system that has worked spectacularly well for all parties, and have now entered into an new era of innovation and are very confident of the future. We are a very different company from the one of the last decade. We now have a much renewed determination to maximise the value, for all stakeholders in a driven and forward thinking win/win way. This mind-set reflects in a new Share Ownership Plan, where we expect our franchise partners to become significant shareholders of the CAD main operating company, that could multiply their modest start up investment in CAD … many times. Read-on.

How CAD value-adds

Financial control and CFO services these days, at least in our team, is about helping a business owner maximise the value of their business! Almost every SME business we encounter, typically those from $.5M to $20M, have a data entry person/bookkeeper, but get very little in the way of useful, insightful management accounts and direction. We become their "On-Call CFO" … for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full timer. The added bonus is that not only are we experts in financial control … but we will also (with our well-developed methodology) quickly find ways to maximise their profit and improve cashflow.

We can show a client how to get from a current (maybe not so good) financial position, to a much better future one. That difference can often be huge. Improvements of $100k to $500k in one year are not uncommon. Similarly if the business owner has say, a $300k overdraft … we can show then how to eliminate it. And in return for this 'value-adding', we may charge a fixed fee per month and a related success fee (clients often see a success fee as positive as it ties our income to their success).

Reason why a CAD partnership works 1:

Almost every partner that has joined us, and some have been with us for 12 years or more, could go 'solo' FC consulting. But 'solo' can be a lonely existence and often it's 'feast or famine' on work and income. Whilst the following figure is hard to measure precisely, we estimate that at least half of their clients and hence income, has been sourced originally through CAD marketing and it's market presence. We share the income 80/20 in favour of the partner. So, in the same boat, that means for every $100 you would have earned 'solo', you can earn $200 with CAD and retain $160 of that. In addition CAD will provide a full back-office service, provide the billing, the debt collection, excellent technical and business operational support, training, the marketing know-how and the back-office personnel.

Reason why a CAD partnership works 2:

The business model works very well and the maths above are compelling, but another question needs to be asked … why do we choose an income share business model compared to a traditional franchise model? In a traditional franchise service business the 80/20 rule applies. Most of a franchisor's income and cashflow comes from selling franchises and so they naturally apply 80% of their effort to selling new franchises. If that is so, how strong is their marketing and their on-going efforts to help you keep building a business? Behind the rhetoric you will find little evidence to suggest the most service franchisees are any other than 'solo' operators under a convenient name.

Reason why a CAD partnership works 3:

What is the third biggest issue with traditional service franchises? This is an un-surveyed view only, but it appears that as many as 80% of franchisees who build a business, and what they think could be an asset, are not able to sell that business when they decide to move on! They simply walk away to a new venture and/or hand on their clients to colleagues. CAD has found a solution that helps its partners maximise their business' value, with an innovative client hand-over system. This allows them to sell-down a client base to a new partner joining and receive a passive income stream thereafter. This is good both ways, as new partners get immediate income and busy partners, or those moving on, get a guaranteed passive income. Now with the new Share Ownership Plan, they also have another asset, being company shares which they can retain or sell as they see fit.

Interested to find out more?

Do you have a commercial accounting/financial control/CFO background? You will likely be tertiary qualified and be a member of one of the accounting bodies. You feel as we do, that the market will increasingly demand a modern mobile financial control consultancy service that business owners can access, once a quarter, once a week or on-demand.

Telephone: click the "contact details" button to the right or call and ask to be sent an initial information pack and confidential questionnaire.

Expression of interest: visit our website using the button to the right, click the "Become a CAD Partner" link and complete the expression of interest form. Fax the EOI and your CV to our fax contact number.

Email: Submit an enquiry via the form to the right.


CFO On Call, P.O. Box 913 , Woy Woy NSW 2256 AU