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Business Mechanic

Business Mechanic provides a one stop value for money mobile workshop that uses bookkeeping, business management, marketing & human resources tools to enable it to tune and service any business. To enable the owner/driver of the vehicle (business) to achieve a relaxed, more comfortable, enjoyable drive with higher performance, power and torque than before.

About Business Mechanic and the market it operates in

Business Mechanic is a value for money, innovative, creative, service orientated – bookkeeping, business management franchise. This franchise is based on a successful model, which has been developed in Port Macquarie and has been running for 6 years. This franchise is very innovative and different in the bookkeeping, accounting and business management field. At Business Mechanic we provide awesome service to our drivers (business owners) to tune and service their businesses – no matter whether they drive a Mini, Commodore or a Ferrari. The brand of Business Mechanic goes against the general vibe of what the general public thinks about accountants – we become a member of the business owner’s pitt crew and we are thought of as an integral cog of their racing team (business) – which can be utilised at any time and not just for BAS and annual financial accounts.

Key benefits and opportunities associated with running Business Mechanic

When you purchase a Business Mechanic franchise – you purchase a ready built race car ready to join the business race as a tested and tuned model ready to run!! All you need to do is put your foot on the accelerator and put behind it your skills, experience, passion, energy and will to succeed!

The Team Crew Chief of the Business Mechanic is the founder of the concept and has been running and developing this business in Port Macquarie for 6 years. You will receive all your in house training directly from the Team Crew Chief, all your contact with the franchisor will be with the Team Crew Chief.

As the franchisor we are you pitt crew team and we are here to help you to tune and service your own business with regular maintenance and support schedule. You could say that we are the Business Mechanic for your franchise and all the values that we have stood by, and have been successful using to create the model we will stand by as a franchisor. It is through you succeeding in your race that will enable us to succeed as a franchisor.

Testimonials of franchisees

This is a brand new franchise system, however it has been based on the successful model that has been running since 1st July 2003 in Port Macquarie – as such this is the 1st franchise.

What does Business Mechanic require from a franchisee – what skills and experience must they possess?

Further information on qualifications needed will be given once you respond for more information.

What is the recruitment process?

Further information of the recruitment process will be given once you respond for more information.


5/40 Lake Rd , Port Macquarie NSW 2444 AU