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Bark Busters

Are looking for a rewarding ‘recession proof’ business with great job satisfaction. Well here it is. Bark Busters are Australia’s most successful in-home dog training company and has grown to be the largest, most trusted home dog training company in the world, with offices in Ten countries… and more to come.

Founded in 1989 by Sylvia and Danny Wilson, our superior training methods, support system, and passionate franchisees have fuelled our expansion to ten countries New Zealand, UK, Japan, Taiwan, USA, Canada, Israel, France and Belgium. In 2002, Bark Busters won the Australia Post Small Business of the Year Award. In 2005, Bark Busters ranked #73 in Entrepreneur magazine’s Top 100 home based franchises. Sylvia, Danny Bryan and Val have appeared on various TV shows over the years including Derren Hinch, Bert Newton, ACA and the Suzy show, along with many radio show, as well as Danny and Sylvia being published authors

Our training methods and business model work. Our franchisees are successful and if you follow the system, you will be too.

Bark Busters are specialists in all dog and puppy behavioural problems. No harsh methods are used and we are vet recommended and we are the only Dog Training Company to be awarded the SPCA ‘Best of the Best’ award in 2008

Puppy schools are recommended to all new puppy owners by veterinarians everywhere and Bark Busters are the leaders in providing this important service so that families and dogs have the best possible start in life. Our motto is “Happy Dogs, Happy Families”.

Bark Busters is a unique and proprietary dog training system. No one can learn our exclusive techniques unless they are a franchisee. This means you will have a huge competitive advantage over other dog trainers.

We will train you to use your business and organisational skills along with your great personality, to work with something you love. In your Initial training we will teach you about dogs but first and foremost you need to have an empathy with people. Dogs can create havoc in families with their bad behaviour. Counseling and coaching of owners plays a large part in bringing about peace and harmony to a previously stressed household. Ongoing support is provided.

Our Mission

Bark Busters’ mission is to promote clear and open communication between owners and their dogs using simple and effective training methods that appeal to the way dogs act and think.

Bark Busters’ therapists use techniques to encourage the dog to use his brain and, at the same time, to satisfy the dog’s need for pack leadership. In the wild, dogs have a pecking order determined by their dominance in the group. When dogs perceive themselves to be higher up the pecking order than the owner(s), it usually results in a dysfunctional pack. The result can be stressful for both owner and dog.

Why the Pet Industry?

  • Its Rock Solid: $4 BILLION is spent in the pet industry every year in Australia.
  • Massive Potential: There are more than 2.6 Million dogs in Australia and growing.

Source: 5th edition 2003 Australian Companion Animal Council Inc.

Why a Bark Busters Franchise?

  • The World’s #1 Home Dog Training Company.
  • A company that cares for its’ franchisees
  • A franchisor and management team committed to your success.
  • A friendly, caring and fun working environment.

The benefits of being part of the Bark Busters team include:

  • Low entry costs and overheads
  • Work from home
  • Financial rewards
  • Ongoing support and national marketing campaigns
  • No experience necessary – just a love of dogs and people
  • A great, flexible lifestyle.

Training and Development

We understand this will be all new for you. That is why our training is conducted over a three-week in-house period and delivered by Vetab accredited certificate 5 trainers. We will then come to your territory to help you, and remember training and support is ongoing.


PO Box 139 , Dapto NSW 2530 AU