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10X Limited

10X is the premiere business coaching solution for SME Accounting Firms looking for a hardworking, distinctive business add-on 10X is the complete, business coaching and development solution that combines financial know how with business growth strategies to dramatically improve the profitability of the Accounting Firm and the bottom line of the Accounting Firm’s clients’ businesses.

Welcome to 10X, the wholly Australian owned and operated company working exclusively with the accounting profession to provide an ‘add-on’ division to Accounting Firms in the form of a 10X business coaching franchise. A 10X franchise allows Accounting Firms to assist their SME clients to grow through focused and highly professional business coaching services.

While other systems have tried and failed to successfully address the market need for services relating to cash flow management, succession planning, profitability and business growth, 10X is the complete, business coaching and development solution that combines financial know how with business growth strategies to dramatically improve the profitability of the Accounting Firm and the bottom line of the Accounting Firm’s clients’ businesses.

10X has been building its network of 143 franchises in Australia and 31 in New Zealand, since its inception in 2008. Through careful business planning, strategic development and the experience and knowledge of 10X directors, 10X has grown to become the leading franchisor in business coaching in the Australia/New Zealand region. 10X aims to positively impact150,000 businesses by giving accountants right across this region the tools and strategies to help their clients expand their profits and business value.

10X aims to deliver 10X Accounting Firm owners a future where they can achieve more, work less and ultimately build a far more rewarding and profitable Accounting Firm.

10X is designed to be THE leading business development solution, that:

  • Greatly increases the fees coming into SME Accounting Firms;
  • Grows the Accounting Firm’s per-partner profitability;
  • Differentiates the Accounting Firm and attracts new “A” class clients and staff;
  • Locks the Accounting Firm’s clients in for life, so they neither want, nor need to go elsewhere;
  • Generates leads for other divisions of the Accounting practice; and
  • Builds a far more attractive, saleable asset with a strong, diversified revenue stream.

The People Power of 10X

10X is founded on a belief that the cornerstone of ALL businesses, regardless of their industry, is marketing. You can have the best service, the best widget, the best prices or the best staff in the business, but if nobody knows about you, you won’t sell a thing.

To be as successful and as effective as 10X, you need a strong team at the helm. 10X was formed when a group of like-minded and powerful professionals recognised the opportunity within Accounting Firms to take their practices to a whole new level.

What’s more, this group of talented individuals has the diversity of backgrounds needed to create a team force within this arena. But perhaps even more importantly, we can work with Accounting Firms because we have a thorough understanding of Accounting Firms.

Our senior management team works closely with Accounting Firms to develop their practices to their full potential. With two highly successful accountants as Directors, and with a team boasting very accomplished talent in vital fields such as coaching, marketing, sales and finance – 10X is the organisation that can take your Accounting Firm to the next level and help your clients increase their profitability through increased revenue and streamlined operations.

Nic Clark
Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO

A successful CEO, entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker and consultant, Nic has held directorships for two global business-coaching franchises, both within the SME sector. Nic is known as THE expert in business services franchise development and brings this specialised knowledge of running franchises for maximum profit and efficiency to 10X.

Dr. Earl Stevens
Director & Chief Operating Officer

Earl has extensive international operational and strategic experience managing many companies and groups – NZ, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Canada. He brings to 10X vision, leadership, communication skills, and strategic planning including hands-on experience in sales, marketing, manufacturing, quality improvement, human resources, corporate finance, benchmarking, business process re-engineering, and critical business processes.

Ryll Burgin
Co-Founder, Director & Chief Communications Officer

Ryll is a sales and marketing specialist, having grown and sold her own companies including Businesses Getting Results – marketing and management strategies for the SME market, delivered by accountants. Ryll is also founder of the leading teen-focused, not-for-profit organization – stepUP Foundation.

Grahame Thompson
Director, Company Secretary & Chief Financial Officer

Grahame’s 36-year business career combines operational experience at all levels of Rothmans and Philips Electronics in Sydney Australia with Strategic/Portfolio style skills and experience at Medium and Small corporate bodies, incl. Non – Executive Director’s roles. Grahame’s 36 year business career is best summarised as an adaptable large corporate operator with practical SME application to develop right sized strategies to grow branded businesses.


Level 1 72-76 McLachlan Street , Fortitude Valley QLD 4006 AU