Boost Juice superstars share their tips for success

By Sarah Stowe | 17 May 2017 View comments

If you’re aiming for success as a franchisee, you would do well to heed the hard-earned wisdom of these multi-award-winning Boost Juice franchisees. Inside Franchise Business: Boost Juice superstars share their tips for success.

When Daniel Mesiti and Anthony Stahl won the Multi-Unit Franchisee of the Year title in last year’s Excellence in Franchising Awards, it took their trophy tally to around 27 or 28 – they’re not quite sure, but they do have a trophy cabinet.

The two business partners have notched up more than a decade as franchisees in the Boost Juice network and have been recognised both within the franchise and externally for their strong performance. But that doesn’t mean it has been a trouble-free journey from university students to multi-unit franchisees with five stores.

Mesiti explains how they got started in business: “Our journey started with our first cafe. We studied and travelled, and fell into hospitality. It was never a conscious decision.”

Describing it as “a bit of trial and error”, Stahl says Dan was more involved in the kitchen. “I was more upfront on the service side. It just evolved, we knew our strengths and weaknesses.”

The pair spent seven years as independent cafe owners in Sydney, but reached a point where they wanted to extend the business, and that meant a second cafe. “But we had no systems, and it was a real hurdle,” says Stahl.

“We bought the cafe from an old Italian. He looked tired at 55 and couldn’t do more by himself,” says Mesiti. “That’s when I realised I didn’t want to be like that.”

‘Obvious choice’

To ensure they had a better income, they realised they needed a better framework. This made franchising an obvious choice and a good route to keep learning, Mesiti says. “When you buy a business, you buy a job. Franchising is a little bit better because you learn about finance, such as rostering hours.”

Boost Juice was a five-year-old brand when the pair invested, and yet to achieve its present high profile. They liked the healthy produce, visited a store and thought they could run one.

As Mesiti says, “It looked easy – there was no cooking!”

But it took them nine months to ensure it was the right brand then find the right site. Their first investment in Boost Juice was a store near to their home suburbs. And despite their six years of hospitality experience, the pair admits they didn’t really know understand what they were doing when they first opened the doors.

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