What’s the story behind Body Fit Training’s high-performance approach to fitness?

By Sarah Stowe | 12 Aug 2021 View comments

What’s the story behind the success of Body Fit Training? From Princess Diana’s personal trainer to sports and conditioning coach for elite AFL and soccer teams, Body Fit Training founder Cameron Falloon has a high-performance based background that informs the fast-growing, award-winning fitness franchise.

This functional fitness group that won the Fit Summit APAC franchise of the year award for 2021 has grown to a network of 250 units sold, with 107 already open, since launching into franchising in 2018.

Not only is the brand spreading across Australia, it’s reached other shores too, including the US, Canada and the UK.

So what is it about the business model that works?

Cameron says “What we do that resonates with franchisees is our technology. Having worked with athletes we have worked with some of the best technology.

“So much is available for consumers but do they have the ability to understand and interpret and use it to help their training? I’ve been able to bring in tech and make it meaningful so trainers can personalise and improve member outcomes.

“We don’t introduce loads of tech, we introduce what will have a positive outcome. We want the information to be valid and reliable.”

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