Body Fit Training plans 100 new studios in 2021

By Sarah Stowe | 19 Nov 2020 View comments

Body Fit Training plans to launch 100 new studios in Australia in 2021, following on from a mega summer of openings.

Between November and the end of February 2021, the business is scheduled to open more than 50 outlets. The majority will be in Australia, with some studios unveiled in New Zealand and Singapore.

The company’s second studio has just opened in the US in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Joint CEO Richard Burnet told Inside Franchise Business, “We had three quiet months between April and June where the world understandably stood still. Since June, our growth has easily surpassed pre-Covid levels.”

The business began in 2017 and in the last two and a half years of selling franchises Body Fit Training has opened 70 of the 170 studios sold.

“We have a unique group fitness offering that combines true strength training as well as great cardio workouts, and that’s certainly driving our member demand. In turn this creates demand from franchisees who understand why we’re different from other fitness offerings.

“And of course, the more territories we sell and the more studios we open, the more people notice us and want to buy one before they sell out,” Richard said.

“We have very successful flagship studios in New Zealand, Singapore and the US which will allow us to rapidly expand into those markets in particular, before we set our sites on the UK.

“It’s one thing opening studios, but to open them and have them become so profitable so quickly – in markets where our brand previously hadn’t existed -gives us enormous confidence that our model will work in any location.

Body Fit Training offers a progressive program | Inside Franchise Business

Body Fit Training offers a progressive program | Inside Franchise Business

Typically a franchisee is either an owner operator who wants to own their own business and comes from a fitness and/or a business background.

Some franchisees are investors who are comfortable playing a hands-off role and will install a manager to drive the business. 

“Regardless, we place a lot of emphasis on people who have passion for the industry, who understand what it takes to build a community, and are willing to work hard independently and within a team (with HQ and other franchisees) to succeed,” Richard said.

“We’re so proud of the amazing group of franchisees we have (many who have multiple territories) and their passion and work ethic to see Body Fit Training succeed.”

The sense of belonging to a gym is part of the appeal of the brand for consumers, he believes.

For franchisees, the appeal is that it’s a high margin, low volume model with low start up costs.

Body Fit Training provides 50 minute classes of progressive programs which combine strength and resistance training with cardio. The aim is to deliver superior, and customised, results with members increasing their capacity and capability in four to six week blocks.