Beyond Burgers – Lord of the Fries boosts U.S. partnership

By Nick Hall | 13 Feb 2019 View comments

Vegan fast-food chain, Lord of the Fries has furthered its partnership with Los Angeles based meat-free supplier Beyond Meat, revealing an exclusive new line launch.

The national franchise is the first restaurant or retailer in Australia to roll-out the brand’s new Beyond Sausage product, giving way to the inaugural Lord of the Fries hot dog.

Made from a mix of pea, fava bean and rice proteins, the new offering comes in three flavours; Bratwurst, Sweet Italian and Hot Italian and is soy and GMO-free.

Most importantly for Aussie vegans, the Beyond Sausage is set to look, sizzle and satisfy just like a regular pork sausage.

Mark Koroncyzk, Lord of the Fries co-founder said the latest integration targeted not only the growing vegan fast-food market, but also the emerging ‘flexi-tarian’ movement.

“As the largest 100% vegan fast food joint in the Southern Hemisphere, we’re thrilled to be offering our customers the first bite of another great plant-based innovation,” Koronczyk said.

“We’re proud to be continuing a great partnership with a like-minded pioneer in the ethical food industry.”

The entirely plant-based sausage offers juicy, meat flavours and is said to offer more protein and 38% less saturated fat and cholesterol than conventional meat.

Previously, the Melbourne vegan institute had partnered with Beyond Meat to bring the innovative meat-free burger to Australian shores.

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