Belgravia Health launches new fitness studio franchise

By Sarah Stowe | 04 May 2018 View comments

A tried-and tested fitness concept is now available as a franchise. The new franchise offering allows the franchisee to run the Coaching Zone as a stand-alone studio with the backing of one of the longest standing names in the fitness industry, Genesis (and its parent company Belgravia Group).

The Coaching Zone concept is based around High Intensity Interval Training and 29 Genesis clubs across Australia already provide the Coaching Zone training platform as part of their offer.

Belgravia CEO Ian Jensen-Muir told Inside Franchise Business “We’re very excited to offer Coaching Zone as a stand-along studio concept to those wanting to confidently take their first step, or the next step in their fitness career.”

Qualified fitness trainers are best placed to take advantage of this franchise opportunity, he said.

“Our business model works best the owner also part of the coaching team. The business model is best suited for an owner operator. Ideally the franchisee will be working in the business coaching sessions, but they could also work in a customer service/sales capacity.

“Coaching Zone is all about delivering a rockstar experience to everyday people.  Many fitness programs on the market are designed by fitness people to challenge fitness people and for most people the programming can be too complicated or challenging.

“Coaching Zone has been designed specifically with programming catering to entry level exercisers or people looking to get back into their training after time off their training.”

Eight scalable programs in Coaching Zone allow members to progress from the entry level workouts to more results based team training sessions as they build their confidence.

“For a business owner it’s a great tool to attract new clients and then progress and guide them through their health and fitness journey, providing great retention of members on a high yielding membership,” said Jensen-Muir.

“We find that a majority of our clientele are females 25-50 looking social interaction and friendships whilst reducing body fat and toning up and males looking for an alternative to playing sport whilst living a busy lifestyle with work and family commitments.”

The Coaching Zone is also integrated with the MYZONE heart rate monitoring system, which allows members to monitor their workout efforts both inside and outside the studio.

The model offers online nutrition support and social events and has sessions including the ‘Afterburn’ workout.

The fitness industry is a competitive one and the strength and experience of the Belgravia Group allows franchisees to leverage support and simplify the daunting task of opening a new studio said Jensen-Muir.

Belgravia Health has more than 20 years’ experience in health club franchising and will provide support that alleviates the admin stress from the typical new business owner, he said. Accounts, payroll, marketing, programming are all managed by Belgravia Health.

The target is to open 20 studios during the 18/19 FY, with an overall goal of growing to more than 100 locations.

“Coaching Zone within our Genesis clubs has grown at a very fast rate since the concept first launched towards the end of 2016. In the space of just over a year, 29 clubs have now introduced the concept and are reporting strong uptake by members.

“With a growing market of high intensity group personal training studios, Coaching Zone provides a training solution for people looking for a non-intimidating and achievable training program with additional programming to accommodate them as their fitness levels grow.”

Coaching Zone requires a footprint of 200- 250m2 to operate (inclusive of amenities).