Battery World preps franchisees for the battery industry expansion

By Sponsored | 23 Jan 2020 View comments

When it comes to powering essential household items, batteries are a no-brainer, but new research suggests the battery industry is set to boom.

Here in Australia, more and more everyday Aussies are finding themselves turning to batteries to power their favourite products, and it isn’t just AAs driving the increase.

In its Battery Management System Market Research Report, market research company Prescient & Strategic Intelligence revealed that a growing demand for mixed-use and rechargeable batteries was bolstering the sector.

“Due to growing population, rising disposable income, and increasing technological advancements, demand for consumer electronics products is increasing across the globe,” the report states.

“Installed batteries in these devices require their proper management, which propels the growth of the market.”

It’s true; the need for specialist and expert solutions for both small and complex battery problems, from fitting batteries into car to complex dual battery set ups for camping has been steadily growing.

But the battery industry revolution is by no means a new premise; the search for reliable and affordable power options has brewing for some time. It’s precisely why Aussie franchise icon Battery World has been working to upskill its employees and franchisees, better preparing them for the influx of new business.

Battery World upskills

Late last year, Battery World announced an innovative partnership with TAFE QLD and NSW, offering its staff of ‘Batteryologists’ the chance to complete a Certificate II in auto electric technology.

Specifically designed for Battery World staff, the course involves a series of practical daily assessments.

Queensland-based Battery World franchisee Steve Minter said the course gave him and his staff members the confidence to tackle the predicted market boom.

“All of a sudden I have these young guys talking confidently to customers about alternators, dual battery systems, the technology of batteries and solar setups,” he explained.

“Where once they might have had to defer to senior staff now they live and breathe the technology, giving our customers a value-add they will not get anywhere else.”

Battery industry boom

It’s certainly the right time to make the move. Prescient & Strategic Intelligence also projected that the global battery management system market would more than quadruple in the next 10 years.

Valued at $5.1bn in 2019, the battery industry is predicted to register a CAGR of 14.5 per cent during the forecast period, reaching $22.3bn by 2030.

With all the growth right around the corner, Battery World is bolstering its business, providing franchisees with all the tools needed to capitalise. Innovations such as its 24hr mobile service, ensure Battery World is able to assist customers no matter where they are, offering free fitting, free battery testing, recycling of batteries and delivery.

Where once, it was seen only as an addition, a global shift in attitudes has seen the battery industry flourish.

If you are looking for a high-growth business investment, Battery World is a future-focused franchise opportunity. Join the brand with a passion for technology, customer service and care. Visit to learn more.