Bakers Delight providing the right ingredients for success

By Sponsored | 23 Nov 2018 View comments

For mum and dad entrepreneurs, Paul and Hayley, getting into business for themselves was a life-long goal, but the two weren’t going to settle for just any opportunity.

With extensive retail experience under their belt, the pair set out to identify a business model that presented growth opportunities, a stable income and the flexibility that is required when you have two small children at home.

After prioritising their needs, both personal and professional, the decision to the enter the franchising system was simple, and it was a Bakers Delight outlet that put all those ingredients together.

“The reason we wanted to buy into Bakers Delight was, obviously being retailers, we knew the strength of the brand and we knew the earning potential of being a Bakers Delight franchisee,” Paul said.

“It played to our strengths and that’s the reason why we wanted to be part of this network.”

Now the proud owners of the Bakers Delight Hampton franchise, Paul and Hayley have established themselves as key network influencers, growing the business by around 15 per cent in the 14 months that they have operated the store.

Paul said it was the support of an open franchisor, backed by a world-class brand that had proven to be the catalyst for the pair’s consistent growth.

“It’s been phenomenal, and we’re still growing week on week. One of the ingredients for success is the brand, the banner, it’s a trusted brand and it’s a brand that people engage with very, very easily,” Paul said.

With almost 40 years of franchise experience, Bakers Delight has helped many Australians like Paul and Hayley get into business for themselves, providing a guiding hand at every stage of the business journey.

While the husband and wife team continue to grow their business, a Bakers Delight area manager is on-hand to supply a comprehensive set of store analytics and data, in order to help refocus business attention.

Paul said the ability to call around the clock and receive real-time, accurate data relating to specific demographics in his store was an invaluable resource that had formed a strong basis for his business operations.

“He’s able to tap into all sorts of reports and analytics that specific pertain to my business. I can get really, really detailed analytics on my business and that allows me to make better business decisions,” Paul said.

It’s that information that has helped Bakers Delight franchisees target their offering the needs and wants of Australians across the country, reflected the brand’s customer satisfaction and loyalty rates.

“People love the brand, they love the product, they keep coming back to it, so the longevity of the brand has been tremendous. It’s a great platform for success.”

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