Award winning franchisee shares top tips

By Admin | 24 Nov 2014 View comments

What does it take to be a high performing, award winning franchisee? This year's FCA Franchisee of the Year (up to one staff member) Rowan Prendergast, OPSM, has some great tips to share.

"I have specific, measurable and realistic operational targets for both the short-term and longer-term performance of my business.  I communicate these to my employee as well as to other corporate staff who work alongside my franchise business.  The habit I practice most is monitoring customer satisfaction.  This is done using emailed surveys, verbal follow-ups on products and purchases, and by establishing an open and genuine relationship with every customer to the furthest extent possible.

"I regard the marketing of my business as something I do to three distinct groups: customers, employees and the franchisor.  Marketing myself and my business to all these groups and promoting a positive and mutually beneficial relationship has led to unexpected business growth opportunities.

"In the first two years of my franchise, I focused heavily on local marketing in an effort to leverage the national marketing and customer awareness already provided by OPSM.  I am constantly looking to improve the knowledge and competencies of my staff.  My current focus for the business is examining opportunities to buy further into the franchisor's network in order to fuel sustainable growth and eventually a passive income.

"Customer satisfaction is my primary motivator.  There is nothing more satisfying for me than a new customer who comes in who happily telling us that we were recommended by a friend or relative.  Our reputation in the community is my utmost consideration and it motivates me constantly to think that every single interaction we have with a customer, existing or potential, has the capacity to build or erode that reputation.

"I have a very supportive wife and extended family.  Discussing business decisions at home allows for perspective to be placed on opportunities or actions taken.  I am conscious of building a sustainable culture in my business with excellent employees so that I can take time out of the business to be with my family without the business slowing down. 

"My succession planning and staff training is designed to allow me to eventually step away from direct daily involvement but maintain profit growth.  The ultimate goal of this is to thereby spend more time enjoying home life!"