Aussie Pooch Mobile franchisees love the lifestyle!

By Sarah Stowe | 11 Aug 2021 View comments

Aussie Pooch Mobile franchisees love the lifestyle and other benefits that come with working for yourself.

For Greg and Julie Fickel, it’s all about family.

Greg says, “Since my wife Julie and I began as master franchisees with Aussie Pooch Mobile we have had four of our children join us in the business.

“In each case, the children made the decision to join Aussie Pooch because they saw the potential to take control of their financial futures in a supportive business environment, which the Aussie Pooch Mobile franchise system provides.”

He says it’s been a joy to have the whole family involved.

“Having the children join us has provided Julie and I with an enduring sense of satisfaction as we support them and watch them grow into self-assured, independent business owners.

“On the flip side, I have no hesitation in saying that our overall business has grown through their involvement, as they bring new ideas and perspective to our business operations.”

Ayla Watt and her fiancé Daniel Lewis have operated the Brisbane Southside franchise for three years.

“Before I started with Aussie Pooch Mobile, I was a groomer working for someone else,” says Ayla.

“I craved the freedom of running my own business but didn’t want to do it alone.”


“I saw an opportunity with Aussie Pooch Mobile and jumped at it, and I’m glad I did.

“Last year throughout Covid, if I was in business alone, I would have closed up. But under the APM franchise, I was supported the whole way through and didn’t have to do anything. They did all of the leg work for us,” she reveals.

It wasn’t long before Ayla’s lifestyle tempted Daniel to join the franchise. 

“When Ayla started with Aussie Pooch Mobile, I had an office job. I was on the phone all day, working long hours and there was no downtime. Seeing Ayla loving her job made me step out and see what else is out there.

“I thoroughly enjoy working with dogs. It is so calming and such a change of pace. I get to hug dogs all day!”

For the longest-serving franchisee in the chain, Peter Statham, being an Aussie Pooch Mobile franchisee has been a brilliant lifestyle choice.

“I have been washing dogs for over 25 years now and I wouldn’t change a thing. I love the animals and the flexibility.

“I have managed to work around my kids when I first started, to now working around the grandkids, being able to take them to sport and drop them off at school.

“A lot of things have changed, but my love of dogs and how much I enjoy my career has never changed. It was definitely the best choice I made,” says Peter.

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