AFL stars to open second 12RND fitness studio

By Nick Hall | 17 Sep 2019 View comments

Fast-growing boxing fitness franchise, 12RND is famous for its affiliation with former world champion Danny Green, but the ‘Green Machine’ isn’t the only athlete buying into the booming business.

Earlier this year, AFL stars Taylor Adams and Levi Greenwood took time out of their busy Collingwood playing schedule to launch their inaugural franchise studio in Port Melbourne. Just months on, the pair are preparing to open the doors to their second club, this time at Point Cook.

Tim West, 12RND managing director said the model appeals to elite athletes for a number of reasons.

“It’s not just a fitness studio, or boxercise. 12RND is a brand that is focused on sports conditioning, so it’s a great opportunity for a sports-person to get involved,” West told Inside Franchise Business.

“Levi and Taylor have got involved, like Danny because of their advocacy, not because they’ve been given territories or business opportunities. It’s because they, like us, believe that there is a big enough percentage of the population that would love to play professional sport if they were skilled enough or if they had the time.”

The 12RND model

The 12RND model is built on the principles that modern boxing performance training involves.

Workouts replicate the physical demands of a 12 round championship bout, with 12 three-minute rounds, broken up with a 30 second rest in between.

A combination of boxing and strength training allows members to experience the full conditioning experience of a professional boxer, with one important addition.

The 45-minute workouts run on a continuous basis, with a new round commencing every three minutes, making it easy for time-strapped fitness fans to jump in whenever they have time.

“We live in a time where there are more distractions every day, and this has led us into a convenience economy. Think of developments such as Uber, Netflix and Amazon Prime. It’s all based on convenience, allowing the consumer to choose how and when they engage with the provider,” West said.

“It’s no different in fitness. That’s where 12RND comes in, we developed a product that allows members to turn up any time during opening hours and get access to the coaches and training styles that have to date only been available to elite athletes.”

For franchisee, the low-cost, high-value opportunity provides a platform that has shown to increase member capacity by 50 per cent over traditional time-table based group fitness offerings.

12RND growth

West revealed that he and 12RND CEO Michael Jordan plan on strengthening alignments with elite athletes moving forward, and with good reason.

The advocacy strategy has been highly successful so far, with the brand opening 80 clubs across the country since launching in 2016. That equates to a new opening ever fortnight.

In June, the fitness franchise announced plans to launch internationally, focusing first on New Zealand and Singapore, before hitting the UK. While international growth remains a strong long-term goal, West said he was eager to bolster Australian operations in the meantime.

Adams’ and Greenwood’s new Point Cook studio is set to open next month.