A smokin’ success: food trucks and American style BBQ

By Sarah Stowe | 29 Oct 2015 View comments

Now that Smokin' Barrys has a proven business model, founder and slow-cooked meat lover Jim White is ready to tackle franchising. 

White believes franchisees will reap the benefits of owning their own slice of the Smokin' Barrys pie, because the business is built upon two current trends.

“We have proven the market here in Melbourne by having multiple trucks, and we know the possibilities are virtually endless because this kind of American style barbeque will continue to grow in popularity – there is no sign of it stopping when you look at what is happening overseas.

“Food trucks are also on the rise, so when you combine these two trends they are almost unstoppable.”

White explains two key factors prompted him to establish the brand. “I realised the food stalls at most festivals and events offer relatively stock standard food, and I also have a fairly big passion for long meat cooking processes such as spit roast and barbeque.”

Smokin' Barrys food trucks have become a regular fixture on the festival and event circuit in Melbourne, which is just how White likes it. “We really work hard to get involved with them,” he says.

Smokin' Barrys slow cooked ribs

The business is in fact split in two – there is the food truck, which is mobile and serves up food items including pork rolls, beef brisket rolls, pork ribs and barbeque nachos, as well as a catering arm.  

“The catering aspect is totally separate as far as the type of food and the way it is served goes – that lends us to things like parties and sporting club events and we do quite a lot of weddings now.

“While our catering menu contains the pulled pork and beef brisket rolls and the ribs, people are also able to order things like slow cooked chicken pieces or whole chickens, and we have salads and corn on the cob, too.”

Smokin' Barrys operates with a rather simple philosophy in mind, where the customer is at the forefront. “We aim to provide great tasting, excellent quality food without being ridiculously over priced,” White says.

To ensure they are confident running their new business, franchisees receive extensive on-the-job training when they join the brand.

Smokin' Barrys food trucks can be found at most festivals in Melbourne

“We provide a huge amount of one-on-one training, franchisees don’t need to know anything about what we do – we teach them everything.

“They will spend a good amount of time in the food truck and learn how to serve customers, as well as gain an understanding about who our clientele and target market are,” he explains.

White is looking for franchisees who have a similar passion for, and interest in, slow-cooked meats. “They don’t need to have a background in cooking but they would certainly need to be enthusiastic about cooking meats in some capacity, and they need to be highly organised.”

While Smokin' Barrys does not yet have any franchisees; White has firm plans for the future. “We are on the lookout for suitable franchisees at the moment and would like to open 10 franchises across Australia within the next two to three years,” he says.