A low-risk start to your own commercial cleaning business

By Sponsored | 14 Sep 2020 View comments

Damien Boehm is on a mission to help his franchise partners build a successful business of their own.

“In the world of commercial cleaning that isn’t always the case – some franchisees have very little opportunity to grow,” he says. “That’s why I started Urban Clean.”

His network of franchise partners now tops 100.

“Of course we teach them all to clean efficiently, but that’s just the start,” Boehm says. “We also share every other aspect of running a business. Many go on to win their own cleaning accounts and build a business with a multiple six figure income.”

From the outset, Boehm could see the importance of an efficient and proven system.

“With Urban Clean you have access to everything we’ve developed over the past 10 years,” he says. “That includes our unique and cost-effective marketing and sales systems, business procedures and in-depth training as well as ongoing coaching and support.”

A low-risk start

Finding your first clients is one of the most challenging aspects of setting up any new business. With Urban Clean it’s simply not a concern.

“We start all our franchise partners off with contracts that will bring them at least $5000 per month,” Boehm explains.

You can even carry on picking your regular pay cheque while your new business is picking up speed because commercial cleaning generally happens outside regular business hours.

“Urban Clean is also a more affordable way to start a business than you might expect,” Boehm says. “The franchise fees, marketing costs and overheads are very low, and you can also take advantage of our group buying power to minimise the cost of your supplies.”

A three-step formula for success

It took Boehm a few years of trial and error to develop his three-phase formula for success.

  1. The Set-up

As a new franchise partner you first learn the basics of the business including:

  • how to clean
  • how to communicate effectively with your clients
  • how to use Urban Clean’s custom-built software
  • how to audit. 
  1. Building loyalty

During the Loyalty phase, you’ll learn how to deepen your client relationships.

“Happy and loyal clients not only spend more money with you, they advocate for you and refer you to other companies,” Boehm says.

  1. Growth

By the Growth phase you’re ready to become expert at winning new cleaning contracts on your own. You also learn how to manage cleaning teams effectively and profitably.

“We have fully-trained regional partners with the role of setting up and supporting their local franchise partners,” Boehm says. “The also run ongoing coaching programs to help every franchise partner to move smoothly through the three phases.”

An in-demand service

As Boehm points out, commercial cleaning has never been more relevant.

“The pandemic has made everyone very aware of cleanliness, safety and hygiene,” he says. “It’s not surprising that, while many other businesses are struggling, we’ve seen a surge of growth at Urban Clean.”

If this sounds like the business for you, visit www.urbanclean.com.au.