9 tuition franchises to buy: study notes

By Sarah Stowe | 02 Sep 2019 View comments

Investing in education is increasingly popular among Australian parents. So why not tap into the learning culture and buy a business that will fuel your future, and at the same time help the next generation of Aussies fulfil their potential?

These nine brands are focused on spreading knowledge and learning skills across Australia.


It all began in 1945 when high school maths teacher Toru Kumon created worksheets for his son who was underperforming in maths. The focus was on calculation skills that would set up the student for independent learning. As other children in the neighbourhood started to study and improve their academic results, Kumon opened up maths centres in Osaka in 1958. Today the international business is teaching English and maths to school-age children across 51 countries.

This highly structured learning system involves a weekly centre-session for instructors to observe children’s working processes, and daily homework.

LCF Fun Languages

Preschoolers and primary school children up to the age of 12 learn French, German, Italian, Mandarin or Spanish with LCF Fun Languages, a business developed in the UK 25 years ago. It’s been operating in Australia for the past 12 years, taking its language lessons to schools and childcare centres country-wide.

The focus is on learning through play – lessons include drama, storytelling, technology, songs, craft and games – with a goal of giving children the confidence to communicate in a new language.

Franchisees don’t need to have a second language themselves; bilingual and native speakers may choose to teach some of the lessons, but it isn’t required.

Mathnasium Math Learning Centers

As its name suggests this franchise is all about numbers. Mathnasium is a maths-only tutoring and learning centre that teaches students to think like mathematicians. Founder Larry Martinek was an experienced teacher and education consultant in the US who had a mathematically-gifted son. After spotting a disconnect between students’ basic skills training and the curriculum they would later need to work on, Martinek developed a complete curriculum from preschool to year 12.

Students are personally assessed and provided with a customised learning plan.

The Mathnasium Method has been in use for more than 40 years; the tutoring business began in 2002 and was franchised in 2003.

Now there are opportunities to develop this brand in the Australian marketplace. Franchisees will be developing the business and employing tutors.


The story of MindChamps began in Sydney in 1988 when Vietnamese-born Australian David Chiem applied his own acting and film-making experience to the challenge of transforming education. At its heart MindChamps has a 3-Mind philosophy based on extensive research in neuroscience, child psychology and theatre. The goal of the program is to release the potential in each child by unlocking their natural creativity and problem-solving capabilities.

It was further developed in the demanding educational environment in Singapore, where its preschool program has 32 per cent of the market share.

The program was brought back to Australia and there are now 12 MindChamps Early Learning Centres open across Sydney with further growth planned.


This after-school tuition model aims to put back the fun into maths and English. Because it relates to 11 levels of the school curriculum it is able to complement what students are learning at school.

NumberWorks’nWords caters for both under performing students and high achievers, delivering an individualised approach to learning.

NumberWorks’nWords was founded in New Zealand in 1984. Five years later the franchise expanded to Australia, and it’s also in the UK and Singapore. Today it is part of the New Zealand-based global Crimson Education business which offers various pathways to academic success including university and medical school admissions support.

ScopeIT Education

The goal is simple: to provide students with the skills to harness their imagination through technological innovation and help future-proof their employment prospects.

The ScopeIT Education franchise brings a world class digital tech curriculum into Australian school rooms, providing instructors and lesson plans, as well as equipment, software and internet. Students learn to code, create apps and websites, study robotics, electronics and 3D printing and are educated about digital safety.

There are also after-school and holiday clubs and virtual classrooms for rural and remote schools.

The business is Australian owned and operated.

Seriously Addictive Mathematics

An award-winning curriculum based on a renowned education program, Singapore Math. The program for students aged four to 13 years old is classroom based with self-learning worksheets. The program applies mathematical constructs to real world situations, with maths concepts delivered through a three tier approach: concrete, pictorial and abstract.

The modular programs can be customised to a child’s needs and tailored worksheets encourage independent learning and self-discipline.

The Seriously Addictive Mathematics (S.A.M.) program began franchising in 2013 and now is taught in more than 160 centres across 16 countries.

The Music Bus

Here’s a chance to get on the road for a musical journey with young Aussies. The Music Bus is a tuition program for primary schools, filling a gap where schools are unable to offer music lessons or supporting existing musical learning.

The high-tech air-conditioned bus is fitted out as a mobile musical classroom equipped to teach guitar, keyboard, singing, drims, ukulele. Bus Rock is the sole national rock band program of its kind, giving selected students the chance to rehearse and perform in a national competition.

Franchisees will be hands-on and need a passion for music, a driving licence and a Working With Children check.

Tutor Doctor

Home tutoring is a billion dollar industry and Tutor Doctor is tapping into the potential. Established nearly 20 years ago, the business is about making a difference, about making it easy for struggling students to gain educational advantages. 

Tutor Doctor provides one-on-one tutoring on any subject at the student’s home. There’s a process for getting to know the student so the correct learning strategy can be identified and the perfect tutor matched to students based on their personality and interests.

Tutor Doctor franchisees don’t need to be experienced educators or teachers because they focus on managing the business and the professional tutors.

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