5 reasons to snap up a photography franchise

By Sarah Stowe | 09 Aug 2019 View comments

It’s an Instagram world today so why would you invest in a photography franchise?

Where once it was seen as skill few could possess, the widespread introduction of smartphones and digital cameras has placed photography firmly in the grasp of the everyday enthusiast.

But far from damaging the professional industry, new technology has in many ways strengthened the sector. We spoke to TapSnap’s franchisor Dan Kelland about how the photography franchise industry is answering the call.

1. In the age of the iPhone and Instagram, why is there still demand for a photography franchise?

With phone cameras it can be challenge to find good lighting or to get a great group shot with a selfie stick or whilst fumbling with your phone. That can detract from the face to face fun you can have with your friends! Here are some reasons why there is still a demand for a photo booth business:

Better picture quality: parties and events often have low lighting resulting in blurry, pixelated photos that are tricky to edit. TapSnap photo booths are equipped with high quality cameras and proper lighting to suit the scene.

Share photos in seconds: unlike with selfies that can take a number of steps to share, TapSnap allows instant sharing direct to social media and email via a tap of the screen….or printing a high quality photo in seconds.

Customisation of backgrounds and props: we can add more fun to your party by adding different backgrounds, digital props or personalised messages to the photos. We can also bring photos to life through moving backgrounds or animated GIFs.

Print out your pics: often with group selfies, it is only the owner that has a copy of the photo, unless they tag or email the photo to all participants. Traditional photo booths have the same problem with only one photo often available. With TapSnap, guests have access to unlimited high quality prints so that everyone in the shot can take home a photo as a special keepsake.

2. What marks your photography franchise business out as different?

TapSnap is really two businesses in one: a social media connected photo booth for weddings, parties and the like, and a photo marketing system for business and corporate events.

In addition to our ever-evolving suite of products and features, our franchisees receive two different types of photo booth so that they are able to tailor their services according to the clients needs. This includes the market leading TS42 booth; featuring a fully interactive 42-inch touchscreen.

We have a full-time support team consisting of graphic designers, marketers, product development and IT support. We also have a large and vibrant online franchise community with which to share ideas and experiences.

3. What photographic and technical skills are required to operate this photography franchise?

Whilst many of our franchisees have a passion for photography, no prior skills are required. We provide full training and our intuitive, proprietary software takes care of any lack of photography knowledge.

4. What is best practice for franchisees to bring in new business?

The best way to grow a TapSnap business is to engage your local community and deliver outstanding events…having a fun and outgoing personality and a passion for attending events certainly helps.

5. How big can this business grow?

The business model is very scalable. Franchisees set their own hours and so determine how much they want to work. Our areas are large and exclusive and some members have grown their businesses to include 5 or 6 photo booths with a team of attendants to allow for multiple events to be run at any given time.

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