4 brands helping Australia back to work

By Sarah Stowe | 12 May 2020 View comments

News that coronavirus restrictions will ease across the country, albeit in a state-led staged process, means firms are preparing to return to work.

It’s not quite back to the old normal though. So business support services are well placed to cash-in on the need for greater rigour and transparency in everyday working conditions.

Here are four brands helping Australia back to work.

1. Urban Clean

Employers who thought their cursory office cleaning routine was sufficient four months ago will be reviewing their options as they plot a back-to-work trajectory for staff.

Increased frequency of cleaning is already underway for existing clients keen to be covid-safe, reports founder Daniel Boehm.

Urban Clean has proved itself quick to adapt, launching an innovative anti-microbial treatment for use on touchpoint surfaces, and providing real time reports on hygiene and infection control for clients.

Boehm is confident the business is taking the humble commercial clean to the next level, in tune with current demands for high standards and transparency.

2. InXpress

Logistics business InXpress has had one significant advantage throughout the COVID-19 shutdown – it’s a digital business. Franchisees work from home and systems are online, so helping customers meet their logistical requirements digitally is standard practice.

The InXpress service helps businesses arrange their global and domestic shipping, and provides local support for customers. The franchise has been operating for 11 years, working with leading carriers such as DHL, TNT, Toll, Startrack, and UPS.

It’s notched up more than 350 franchises operating in 14 countries around the world.

3. Mail Boxes Etc

If you’ve stepped out of your front door and headed to the supermarket, pharmacy or hardware store, or exercised at the beach, you can’t have failed to notice the plethora of signs reminding us of the covid-safe restrictions.

For a business like Mail Boxes Etc, which offers business-complete solutions from printing to delivery, there is plenty of opportunity with the return to work we’ll see happening over the next few weeks.

Employers need to ensure staff understand the workplace restrictions, and will need to communicate relevant distancing and hygiene messages to visitors and/or customers through clear signage.

That’s bread and butter to a firm like MBE, which has been designing, printing and delivering for 40 years.

4. CouriersPlease

A key player throughout the lockdown period, CouriersPlease has seen delivery volumes rise as internet shopping booms. Now the franchisees who have helped us set up home offices, feed the dog, and stay fit by delivering key items, are on hand to help businesses get their goods where they need to go.

The courier firm has adopted contactless pick-up and delivery processes which will become the new norm.