3 franchises you can run on the side

By Admin | 15 Feb 2019 View comments

Full time job not supporting your entrepreneurial goals? For workers already locked into the grind of everyday life, starting your own business can be an exciting premise, but the risk of leaving behind a stable job can dash the dream before it has begun.

To alleviate this, certain franchise models such as Laser Clinics Australia offer a guaranteed remuneration package for new franchisees, reducing the much-maligned business owner anxiety.

These kinds of packages are generally reserved for established brands and outlets that require large amounts of staff, making the opportunity incompatible for many prospective franchisees.

While the lure of guaranteed income is one way to ensure stability in a business venture, another is up-scaling.

Starting a business on the side while maintaining your current employment is an effective way to launch operations while slowly building clientele and customer sentiment.

Make no mistake, you’ll be working twice as hard, but with the proper guidance and growth goals in place, the returns will be fruitful. Here’s three franchise models to get you started.

1. Safety

The Australian construction industry is one of the most heavily regulated in the world and a number of opportunist entrepreneurs have been quick to make on move on the sector.

Service providers that introduce, regulate and measure safety standards for construction and development projects have emerged as profitable and flexible business ventures.

Purpose-driven health and safety franchise Drug-Safe Workplaces provides practical independent drug-testing solutions, with a number of the brand’s partners operating on a flexible or part-time basis.

The mobile business allows partners to schedule testing at a specific site, providing the flexibility to arrange meetings around prior commitments.

It isn’t just the construction industry that is driving franchise growth in the safety sector however, with some domestic-focused businesses also providing flexible working opportunities.

Pool safety franchise, Local Pool Inspections operates in the compulsory service industry, with swimming pool safety certifications a mandatory for houses being sold in the commercial market.

The demand is clear cut and franchisees within the national network are encouraged to take on as much work as they deem fit.

With no set hours, shop or stock, partners are completely in control of their day, making the opportunity an easy transitional venture.

2. Vending

The ultimate side-hustle, vending franchise businesses have enjoyed success worldwide, due to their simplified model and often set-and-forget approach.

Coffee machine franchise Xpresso Delight operates a model where franchisees purchase a machine, have it installed in high-foot traffic area, such as office lobby or hospital and complete regular services.

Franchisee Andrew Kimber uses the business as his primary income, however uses the flexible arrangement to schedule services around a second job.

“My partner still works full time. I also work for another company, helping out a mate, doing a little bit of sales and a lot of general stuff. It keeps my hand in,” Kimber told Inside Franchise Business.

3. Children’s services

The booming children’s services sector has emerged out of a need for educational and develop-mental activity providers outside the regular schooling and child-care restraints.

The flexibility of models that cater to children is obvious to see, with children generally enrolled in schooling or child care during the day, meaning franchise operations are regularly reserved for after-school hours and weekends.

The ability to go directly from day-job to franchise venture opens the door for prospective franchisees to slowly build their clientele and upscale before transitioning to full-time franchise operator as need be.

Sports mentorship and coaching services are among some of the most profitable and fast-growing businesses in Australia, giving franchisees with a passion for sport the opportunity to make the most of their time.

Final thoughts

Leaving any job can be hard, but for aspiring entrepreneurs, it is a necessary step of the path to self-employment.

Taking a slow and measured approach can be a worthwhile move, and finding a business that you can initially operate as complimentary income stream, before upscaling the business can help make the process easier.

Are you ready to take up the challenge?