3 franchise chains banking on veganism

By Nick Hall | 08 Mar 2019 View comments

Does Australia really have an appetite for vegan fast-food? According to global market research company, Euromonitor International, the vegan packaged food industry has exploded in popularity.

In 2016, the vegan industry had a retail value of $503m, with the market projected to hit $535m this year.

One in seven Australians now indicate that they avoid or intend to avoid red meat in the immediate future.

So which franchise brands are jumping ahead of the curve and adopting the meat-free, vegan fast-food mantra?


The global pizza giant penned a deal with supplier Follow Your Heart in 2018, introducing vegan cheese as a limited time offering.

The trial was an overwhelming success however, and the brand quickly confirmed that the product would remain year-round.

Lord of the Fries

Established in 2004, Lord of the Fries started as vegetarian chain, but has recently made the move to 100 per cent vegan fast-food.

Mark Koroncyzk, Lord of the Fries co-founder said the move was a reflection of consumer demand and the business’ evolution in the space.

“It was mainly due to our growth as a business allowing us greater accessibility to vegan ingredients that were cost-effective for our franchisees and customers.”

Hungry Jack’s

After the success of its Veggie Whopper, Hungry Jack’s committed to going vegan in 2018.

“We are committed to making sure there is something for everyone at Hungry Jack’s, so we are very excited to offer a great value option to the growing number of vegans around the country,”

Vegan fast-food future

There’s no denying vegan fast-food is becoming a booming business. Which chain will weigh in next?

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