15 studios planned for fitness franchise

By Sarah Stowe | 03 Sep 2018 View comments

Inside Franchise Business: HIIT Factory plans another 15 studios in 18 monthsFun, fast and family-oriented, this franchise newbie is a low cost fitness option.

Keen fitness experts looking to invest in a franchise can discover opportunities galore in the gym space. New to franchising is The HIIT Factory, a business that’s been operating since 2013.

It is taking a fast and furious approach to gym classes, with its core offer based around 30 minute high intensity interval training (HIIT) with many of the workout sessions reliant on bodyweight.

Founder Colette McShane explains “We put the fast and the fun into fitness with 30 minute workouts that delivers great results. We are more than a gym, we are a community of awesome people doing incredible things.”

And the business is expanding, she says.

“We are looking for absolute go getters who are prepared to put in the work to reap the reward.”

Right now The HIIT Factory has six studios with 15 planned for the next 18 months.

There is a focus on the metro surrounds of the capital cities in each state, as well as regional areas across the country.

Classes are held early morning, mid morning and evening and unusually for a gym set-up kids are welcome to come and watch as their parents workout, making it easy for busy parents to access the facilities.

Any city based venue would offer lunchtime classes.

Franchisees take on a lease for the studio, and McShane reports the business appeals to existing gym owners with their own premises who can rebrand their current businesses.

The franchisor is on hand to help new franchisees set up and establish their businesses.

“We will help you with the launch, create a huge buzz around your studio, and do everything we can to help make your business a huge success.”

Training covers both operational and technical aspects of running a HIIT Factory franchise: operations, marketing and social media, and technical knowledge are matched by physical training courses for the workout formats and approved formats.

When it comes to spreading the word through social media, franchisees can gain extra mileage from online programs of free workouts for home fitness through the HIIT Mum community which has a 200,000+ engaged following, says McShane.

In addition, there’s a workout app called PT In My Pocket, and meal plans available for members.

Gym users can take on a membership or buy a pack of sessions; there’s an equal split between the two options, she says.

While standard industry qualifications are needed for class delivery, experience of running a fitness business is not necessary for a HIIT Factory franchisee.

What you will need is a passion for health and fitness, market knowledge, community involvement and a solid work ethic.

Studios are easy to manage, with low overheads and no requirement for equipment leasing, which cuts out the significant costs found in equipment-based gyms.

So what will it all cost? A franchise fee of $35,000 with up to $25,000 for equipment (dumbells, kettle bells and aerobic steps), gym flooring and extra costs.