11 things to learn about Dogue

By Sarah Stowe | 02 Jun 2020 View comments


Fancy a retail business with a difference? If you’ve got a soft spot for dogs take a look at the Dogue business model that lets you combine your pet passion with retailing skills.

Q&A with Dogue

What’s the business? Dog boutique. 

Turnkey cost of franchise: $160,000+

Typical number of clients a week: 140.

Typical number of hours worked a week (including admin): 40.

Skills required: Retail and/or service experience; passion for dogs and strong drive to succeed in the pet industry; great work ethic; grooming experience is a bonus.

Marketing/branding support: Operational support; boutique design; set up and launch; induction and ongoing training; group and local marketing; visual merchandising; HR and recruitment; compliance and finance

Training details: Grooming introduction; business management; marketing, retail, store operations, both before launch and ongoing

What do franchisees do, and why is your brand different? Our franchisees run retail outlets, each with varying degrees of involvement in the day-to-day operations of the store. They are team leaders and ingrained in their local community. 

Number of franchisees: Six (11 stores in total).

How many franchises planned: Three

Are territories exclusive? Exclusive marketing zones: the scale of the territory is determined by the market’s potential and population density in the immediate and (sometimes) neighbouring areas.

Dogue CEO Margaret Hennessy says “Dogue strives to be the leading boutique dog brand in Australia. To achieve our vision, we focus on delivering exceptional customer service to our customers, both two legged and four legged. “

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