11 budget buys you can afford now

By Sarah Stowe | 26 Sep 2017 View comments

Can you buy a business for as little as $15,000? Yes, you can. Low-cost investments are generally home-based, mobile or part-time services that allow for some flexibility around working arrangements and a step up into running your own business.

While the initial outlay may not send your bank manager into a sweat, it’s worth remembering that every franchise purchase needs to be thoroughly researched.

There are pros and cons to owning and operating a finance-friendly business:

Disadvantages of a budget franchise

  • You’ll likely be operating alone
  • You’ll need to keep yourself motivated
  • Your return on investment will be relative to the cost you outlay
  • You may not benefit from the highest level of ongoing franchise support

Advantages of a budget franchise

  • You’ll gain a flexible lifestyle
  • Your investment level is manageable
  • You won’t have staffing concerns
  • You will have limited outgoings

Check out these budget buys

Some of the franchise opportunities available that won’t break the bank…