10 things you must know about Clark Rubber

By Sarah Stowe | 11 Apr 2019 View comments

Iconic Aussie retailer Clark Rubber has a strong heritage stretching back to 1946. Today the chain has 60 stores. Learn more about Clark Rubber with this Q&A…

10 things you must know about Clark Rubber

How seasonal is this business and how do you manage quiet times?

Clark Rubber has three key product categories on offer: Everything Pools, Foam and Rubber. The pool and associated categories are seasonal, while the rubber and foam categories form the core of our business and perform consistently right throughout the year.

What technical knowledge do I need?

Franchisees buying or investing into a Clark Rubber store do not require specific technical knowledge or experience. Our franchisees receive comprehensive training before starting their business and also receive ongoing training. All Clark Rubber franchisees also obtain a Cert III SPASA Pool Technician qualification, which was developed by SPASA.

What will I be doing as a franchisee and how do I make money?

The main focus of our franchisees is to drive sales at store level across our key product categories. In addition, our franchisees operate the mobile pool-care service, taking care of their customers’ pools. Clark Rubber also supports its franchisees through the operation of the Clark Rubber e-commerce platform, with all sales from this channel being directed to franchisees’ stores.

How does the franchisor make money?

The franchisor charges an ongoing franchise fees on gross sales.

How can I expand my business?

Clark Rubber encourages franchisees to invest into the brand by becoming multi-site owners. This may take the form of a second or third Clark Rubber store, or a Clark Pool & Spa shop. Clark Rubber franchisees have the support and opportunity to operate multiple pool-service vehicles in their trading area, presenting another growth opportunity for existing franchisees.

What makes the business stand out from competitors?

Clark Rubber’s mix of products and extensive ranges make it unique in the Australian retail landscape. With its Everything Pools, Foam & Rubber tagline, the brand has become a destination store for Australian consumers.

As all of our stores are owned and operated by individual franchisees, Clark Rubber is well known for its excellent customer service.  

What innovations have you introduced in the last 12 months to help franchisees?

Clark Rubber has recently introduced an automated replenishment system to help franchisees better manage stock and cash flow at store level. In addition, a sophisticated software system has been made available to all stores, allowing for more accurate pool-water testing, and therefore additional sales opportunities for franchisees.

How big is the network of franchisees?

Clark Rubber has a network of 59 franchised stores and one Pool & Spa shop

What will it cost me to invest in a franchise?

The investment required in a Clark Rubber franchise varies, depending on the size and location of the premises from which the franchise will operate. A greenfield development

can start from $420,000 plus GST and plus working capital. This investment includes all franchise entry costs, all stock, plant and equipment, fixtures and fittings.

Other investment opportunities include standalone Clark Pool & Spa shops from $147,500 plus GST and service areas for onsite pool-care service from $49,500 plus GST.

How long is a term and can I renew?

The Clark Rubber franchise agreement offers two terms of five years each. After the first five-year term, the franchisee has the option to renew the agreement for a further term of five years.