10 franchises you’ll want to get to know better

By Sarah Stowe | 05 Sep 2018 View comments

In a world of big brands and household names, an unfamiliar franchise can be refreshing. If you’re looking for a business that’s a little different, check these out.

1. Aquarium Gallery

Aquarium Gallery has turned a pet fish shop into not only a high standard specialty aquarium shop but an Aquarium Gallery which includes fish, aquatic plants, corals, natural aqua-scaping materials along with equipment and accessories.

This franchise offers the tropical fish hobbyist or enthusiast a way to turn their passion into a business and make work their hobby.

A franchise term is for seven years with one option to renew.

Franchisees can expect to say at least $300,000 to invest in the brand.

Expansion is focused on Sydney Melbourne, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Brisbane and Perth.

2. Cirillo Lighting and Ceramics

Cirillo Lighting and Ceramics with its 40 years of experience offers franchisees a one-stop shop model that combines tiles, lighting, bathroom ware, kitchen appliances, tap ware, door furniture and interior design services for a range of budgets.

Franchisees benefit from an innovative, exclusive and wide-ranging product offering sourced from major European manufacturers.

The business began trading back in 1978 and has been franchising for two years.

Cirillo provides support with site location, leasing, store design and setup and a comprehensive marketing program. Building industry experience is not required.

Investment is from $350,000 and a term is five years with renewal options.

3. Drug-Safe Communities

Individuals searching for a business that has a positive impact on Australian communities are the target franchisees for this mobile alcohol and drug testing business, which aims to make workplaces safer, more productive and more profitable.

The business costs less than $100,000 to invest in (not including the leased vehicle) and there’s accredited training as part of the package.

Drug-Safe Communities offers further coaching and mentoring for franchisees. Those best suited to the role enjoy meeting people, and are looking for the back up of a business that has been trading for nearly 20 years.

4. InXpress

InXpress is a unique global online shipping and logistics consulting company, with a fully integrated system.

The business operates in 14 countries with more than 360 franchisees internationally.

It‘s a business model that suits high energy individuals who enjoy a fast-paced business environment and want to invest between $50,000 and $100,000.

No previous experience is necessary as full training is provided, but the franchisor looks for a passion to succeed in sales and ambition to build a successful freight consulting business.

InXpress is expanding across Australian capital cities and metropolitan regions.

5. Ladies Running Errands

Ladies Running Errands is a family friendly personal transport and errand company. Think airport transfers, day surgery and doctor’s appointments drop off and pickups, school and day-care runs, parties and special functions.

Flexibility is core to the business and it’s a low cost investment – under $50,000.

Franchisees are likely to work in their local territory, and enjoy providing a community service.

The business has been trading since 2011 but began franchising last year. It’s backed up by operations manuals and a marketing strategy.

Of course franchisees will need to own a sturdy and reliable vehicle.

6. Local Pool Inspections

Here’s one exclusively for Queenslanders. Houses being sold or leased and in the commercial market units, motels and resorts, all require a pool safety certificate. This business conducts swimming pool inspections across Queensland, with one central call centre.

Local Pool Inspections is a low level investment, just $20,000 to $50,000,and there are no qualifications required. A three day course covers all facets of the industry.

The business is backed up by multi-channel advertising and a business development manager who directly contacts real estate agents, body corporate, fence manufacturers and pool shops.

7. Suki Sushi Burrito

Poke (pronounced Poh-key), is a Hawaiian fast food favourite that has picked up a huge following across the US mainland and it’s at the heart of this new Brisbane-based business.

Suki Sushi Burrito has an innovative menu with healthy ingredients served in either a bowl, poke style, or wrapped like sushi or burritos, hence the name.

It’s a takeaway delivered in a casual dining venue and the franchisee will be team builders creating a fun culture and working environment.

It’s desirable but not essential for franchisees to have retail or food experience.

To invest in the business will cost up to $500,000.

8. TapSnap

A photo entertainment franchise that has reinvented the traditional photo booth for the digital era.

TapSnap incorporates two income streams: a social media photo booth for weddings, parties and the like, and a photo marketing kiosk for both national and local corporate events.

It’s been ranked in the US Entrepreneur’s Top 500 Franchise list.

Franchisees have 24/7 technical support, there’s an online booking system, a contact centre, a dedicated marketing team, and equipment is provided.

Individuals can invest in this business for between $50,000 and $100,000.

For a business operating in the leisure and entertament field, it’s important for franchisees to have a fun and outgoing personality.

9. The Alternative Board

This is a franchise that provides a niche business advisory board service for more than 20,000 small and mid sized business owners.

Since 1990, The Alternative Board, also known as TAB, has been helping business owners achieve their dreams through advisory boards and business coaching in Australia and 18 countries.

It’s been ranked by Entrepreneur magazine as the leading business coaching and consulting franchise in the World (2018).

Franchisees typically have at least 10 years of senior level management or consulting experience or have previously owned their own business. Some franchisees use TAB to complement an existing consulting practice.

Signing up to a franchise with The Alternative Board requires a capital investment of $55,000+ (full franchise fee), with agreement terms of an initial 10 years and one option to renew.

10. The Good Feet Store

A retail concept with a difference, Good Feet began as a family-owned business in the US in 1992. Since then it has helped more than a million people suffering foot and back pain through more than 100 individually owned and operated stores globally.

Good Feet Stores sell an exclusive, proprietary product line of arch supports and a selection of shoes and foot-related accessories.

There are few competitors in the market, and The Good Feet Store has comprehensive branding and marketing.

Capital investment in the franchise is between $160,000 and $250,000 and a term is five years with one renewal option. Currently, the franchisor is not charging a franchise fee for the first term.

Ideal franchisees have business or retail experience, management skills and a good customer service ethos.