10 basic questions if you want to buy an at-home aged care franchise

By Sarah Stowe | 24 Feb 2021 View comments

Many Australians are searching for an alternative to residential care for their loved ones and stay-at-home services have never been more popular; demand continues to rise across the country as potential clients now have greater control over their choice of carers. 

Franchisees are rarely the carers themselves, employing carers to deliver help in the home, personal care, nursing and allied health services.

Of course, franchisees are at a significant advantage to start-up solo businesses, backed with experience in both operating the business and in understanding the marketplace and the particular demands of a regulated sector such as aged care.

Staying up to date with legislation and changes in both aged care and NDIS sectors is crucial. As government departments and the NDIS increase care standards, the policies and procedures that meet and exceed these expectations need to be updated. That’s where a franchisor can add significant value to a franchisee – taking the pressure off franchisees’ regulatory concerns by communicating any relevant procedural information and ensuring standards are maintained.

It is of course important that franchisees understand and appreciate the differences between home care and hospital care – ensuring the choices of the client rather than the needs of the service provider are what drives the engagement.

Bill Lockett at Home Caring suggests the following questions could form the basis of your research into the business you are considering as an investment.

10 at-home aged care franchise questions

  1. What is the total amount of money you have to invest, including the working capital required before breaking even?
  2. What assistance can you obtain to fund that investment?
  3. Are there options to partner with the franchisor in your new business?
  4. What other conditions are available for franchisees: ie is a salary payable to the franchisee?
  5. How does the franchisor ensure compliance to government standards, especially with Royal Commission likely findings?
  6. If you are a health professional with no business experience, what support will the franchisor provide?
  7. What is the plan for acquiring clients?
  8. Is it difficult to find care workers who deliver the services in a client’s home?
  9. What has been the experience of other franchisees in the network?
  10. Is the franchisor a wholly owned and operated Australian business?

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