Movie downloads no threat as Video Ezy launches new rewards program


Video Ezy has launched a new Flash Rewards program

Video rental franchise, Video Ezy, has launched its Flash Rewards program, an upgrade to its customer rental membership program which gives customers exclusive sales and entertainment related rewards as well as in-store discounts.

The card can be purchased online for $59.95 or in-store for between $39.95 and $49.95, and according to director Paul Uniacke, the benefits are instantaneous.

"The moment you sign up for your card you can actually start getting benefits, for example when you sign up you get 12 free new release movies valued at roughly $60 … if you hire a new release movie, you get it for two days for the price of one," Uniacke told Franchising.

The Flash Rewards program can be used in any Video Ezy store and also offers rewards and discounts from other companies, including Eagle Boys Pizza and Donut King.

"What we're trying to do is drive Eagle Boys customers into Video Ezy and at the same time a Video Ezy person can be driven to Eagle Boys, so it's a complementary partnership," he said.


Flash Rewards partners and their special offers


Launching approximately three weeks ago, Video Ezy's new Flash Rewards program has already signed up 15,000 members, and despite what many may think, Uniacke says the rise in popularity of free movie downloads doesn't threaten the video rental market.

"We don't see downloads as a replacement for a bricks and mortar store. We see it as growing the overall pie that bricks and mortar stores have an opportunities to take a piece of," he said.

He adds that movie downloads simply encourage people to watch and perhaps even purchase movies more often - the benefits of which flow into the retail world.


Interesting points about movie downloads, according to Paul Uniacke

  • Less than three percent of the movie business in Australia today is 'download'
  • 180 million movies were rented in 2010 through bricks and mortar stores
  • In 1997 $300 million worth of movies were purchased to own, the rental industry purchased some $190 million worth of movies for rental
  • Last year $1.3 billion worth of movies were purchased to own in Australia alone. The rental industry still purchased some $180 million worth of movies for rental.
  • 2010 showed more movies being consumed in Australia than ever before. Approximately 13.1 movies per annum are consumed for every man, woman and child.


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